5 Child-Safe Makeup Brands

Today, I am back with a post on ‘Child-safe makeup brands’ that you could use for your little toddlers, teens or even during your pregnancy to pretty up or if your little girls love playing around with your makeup, you can get them the products from the below-listed brands without worrying about any possible side effects or reactions. Stay tuned!

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boasts of paraben-free and fragrance-free makeup products that are not only gentle on skin but have healthy compounds as well. Apart from that, they are cruelty-free and are widely available across the globe and have an excellent range of shades and products to choose from. Rest assured that while visiting them you will be spoilt for choices and quality. However, we would say that you give their eyeshadows and bronzers a skip as they are loaded with chemicals and can irritate a teen’s/child’s soft skin.

2. Beauty Without Cruelty:

As the name suggests, this brand does not test their products on animals and is 100% cruelty-free. Apart from that, a majority of their products are safe meaning that they can be used by kids as well as by adults. Also, they have a fairly large selection of products and shades to suit your child’s preferences and needs. However, you may find that their website is a bit cluttery and difficult to navigate and most of their products are really expensive.

3. Bare Minerals:

An award-winning mineral makeup and skincare brand, initially Bare Minerals came up with products that are suitable for people who have acne prone or generally sensitive skin. However, today they are one of the giants in the organic makeup industry and have a plethora of child-safe makeup products that you can indulge yourself and your kid in.

4. Maia’s Mineral Galaxy:

This brand is a natural mineral based makeup brand which is made out of non-nano particles like titanium or zinc. Maia’s Galaxy offers a large range of exotic shades and products along with the assurance that their products are non-synthetic, non-fragrant, non-toxic and cent percent chemical-free. Also, they offer tiny samples of their products so that you can try them out and make your opinion about them before purchasing the full-sized products.

5. Ecco Bella:

Ecco Bella boasts of products that are paraben-, preservative- and gluten-free. Also, their makeup feels smooth on the skin and is made up of healthy and natural ingredients and compounds that are nourishing for your skin and totally harmless. Also, they have a wide range of lipsticks that double up as lip balms and are very nourishing. So in case, your daughter loves prettying up her pout, you must give Ecco Bella’s lipsticks a try!

That’s all for today, girls! Hope this helps.

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