China Glaze Nail Paint in Exotic Encounters Reviews

China Glaze Nail Paint in Exotic Encounters

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My China Glaze haul made me realise one thing, that quirky nail paints can be both regal and eccentric; depending on the shade selection. A green can by turns be regal, opulent, quirky or even downright ghastly. The nail polish I am now going to review was not a nail paint that I chose after referring to numerous reviews, but one I had to pick up hastily in place of an out of stock polish. Read on to see if I loved the polish like my other China Glaze nail paints.

China Glaze Nail Paint in Exotic Encounters

Price: $4 (without shipping); 250INR

Quantity: 14 ml

Claims: For over 13 years, China Glaze has exceeded the bar set by the professional nail care industry. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of globally rich, on-trend, innovative colour lacquers and treatments. Our colours provide the perfect accent to any individual style. From our neon’s, to reds, corals, to shades of blue, our colours’ inspiration is found on the shores of Tahiti, the nightlife in New York City, and beauty within every woman. Our unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish. These glossy lacquers work in perfect cohesion with our professional nail treatments for lasting strength, durability and overall gorgeous nails. Need stronger, longer nails? Try our Nail Strengthener and Growth Formula. Want softer Cuticles? Check out our Orange Cuticle Oil. Looking to prevent chipping and peeling of your favourite colour? Our No Chip Top Coat is for you. For a flawless application every time, use our quality formulas with our optimized 440-strand brush. Nothing says the perfect nail like China Glaze. All China Glaze colours are free of DBP, Toluene and added Formaldehyde.

Packaging: It comes in the classic China Glaze packaging. Big glass bottle with a matte black brush handle, that looks sturdy enough.

China Glaze NailPaint in Exotic Encounters

My take on China Glaze Nail Paint in Exotic Encounters:

First off, please excuse that black ring on my index fingernail it’s my Voter Mark that refuses to go. I have a feeling that my nail is permanently stained and I’ll need to let the mark grow out. *sigh*

This polish is from China Glaze’s Jungle Safari Collection and is a green based teal crème polish that is an almost one coater but I have used 2 coats because I like complete opacity. The formula is a bit of the thicker side and chances of bubbling are pretty high due to the marginally longer drying time. The polish takes an average of 7-10 minutes to dry completely and is a bit irritating, due to the same.

Like every other China Glaze nail paint I have used till date, this polish too begins to show tip wear in a few days but doesn’t have any major chipping within a week. I have never kept on the same nail paint for longer that, so I can’t help you for a time period beyond that.

The color comes out a shade or two darker than the one seen in the bottle. I don’t think it’s a very flattering colour for me but I am sure fairer people will adore this. Polish removal is a breeze with no staining whatsoever, but I do use a thin layer of China Glaze’s base coat not sure how it would be if I didn’t.

China GlazeNail Paint in Exotic Encounters

Pros of China Glaze Nail Paint in Exotic Encounters:

• Travel safe packaging
• Brush doesn’t absorb that much excess product
• Large brush provides non streaky finish
• Matte black brush handle
• Large quantity provided
• All China Glaze colours are free of DBP, Toluene and added Formaldehyde.
• Almost a single coater
• A very unique colour that doesn’t have a dupe at the moment (I have no way of making sure of this claim but this is what a cursory Google search indicates)
• No major chipping even after 7 days
• Lasts long, very long! :p

ChinaGlaze Nail Paint in Exotic Encounters

Cons of China Glaze Nail Paint in Exotic Encounters:

• Takes atleast 10 minutes to set completely
• Marked up prices in India
• Slightly thicker formula
• Longer drying time
• Tip wear begins in 2-3 days
• May not be flattering for all skin tones

Would I repurchase?

Nah! It ain’t finishing anytime soon!

Would I recommend it to friends?


IMBB Rating: 4/5

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5 thoughts on “China Glaze Nail Paint in Exotic Encounters Reviews

  1. The shade is summery I crave for this watermelon shade nw.. *drool* bt really its heartaching to see such high end nail paints chipping off like any ordinary enamel.. *hunterwali* *hunterwali* Its same wid opi *spank* I wonder why wud anyone invest in such pdts when we hv better options in maybelline, loreal revlon.. *nababana*

    1. The pount is, that China Glaze is an “affordable” polish. In India it is priced eorbitantly, but abroad you can find it from $3-$4. Decently priced, affordable polish that works brilliantly with base+top coat.

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