China Glaze Textured Nail Polish Unrefined, Review, NOTD

China Glaze Textured Nail Polish Unrefined

Quantity : 14 ml.

Price: Rs. 600

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The concept of textured nail polishes is fairly new in India, though till now no Indian cosmetic company manufactures these and, in fact, there are only a handful of companies that have just about introduced crackle nail polishes into the Indian market.


Textured nail polishes have been around for about 2 years now and are also called sand finish, liquid sand, pixie dust, leather finish, grainy finish, and of course, textured finish. They look like normal nail polishes when you look at the bottle, but apply to a coarse, matte, grainy finish, which feels like sandpaper when you rub your fingers over your nails. They look gritty and the only shine you can see is the tiny space between the grains of nail polish on the nails. I don’t think there is any need for applying a base coat or even a ridge filler to even out the nail bed, since you are going to get an uneven finish anyway. No need also for a top coat also, as that would defeat the look that they are supposed to give!



My Experience with China Glaze Textured Nail Polish ‘Unrefined’ –

The shade Unrefined is such a pretty Barbie pink that is so eye-catching. The textured finish adds to its charm. It dries quickly to a liquid sand finish, and I have applied 2 thick coats in these photos. China Glaze nail lacquers are made in the USA and come in a good quantity of 14 ml in a long round bottle with a black plastic cap. The brush is of a nice, medium size to enable the polish to cover the nails in 3 equal strokes – one down the middle of the nail and two strokes on either side. The cap fits well between the fingers and has a good grasp. Since I’ve applied this textured nail polish, I can’t resist rubbing my nails together – I feel almost like I’m filing them from the top! This lasted on me for 4 days without chipping but touch-up with this is so easy, since they are of uneven finish, no one will be able to notice the difference !


Pros of China Glaze Textured nail polish in Unrefined :

• A pretty, bright, Barbie pink shade.
• Dries quickly.
• No need of base coat or top coat.
• Good quantity provided.
• Nice packaging.
• Full coverage with 2 coats.



Cons of China Glaze Textured Nail Polish Unrefined

• A bit expensive.
• Not available in India.
• The gritty finish is a matter of personal choice.

IMBB Rating : 4 on 5


Will I Re-purchase China Glaze Textured Nail Polish Unrefined? I already have 5 shades in this textured finish, and it would take me ages to finish them, so by then I guess something new will be on the scene!

Last Word: If you are looking for something completely different in nail polish, as far as finish and looks go, you can try out these textured finish nail lacquers.



By the way, here’s a photo of my recent NYX / Milani cosmetics haul which arrived last week.

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