Chinese Baby Gender Predictor – Boy or Girl Calculator

Astrology is an old science and most of us do not get the scientific justifications of the predictions. But at times, the predictions are true and it is hard not to keep faith in it. In today’s post we will discuss a method in which Chinese people predict the gender of their babies.

This system originated long ago and it considers two important factors- the lunar age of the mother who is conceiving the kid and the lunar month when the kid is conceived. To calculate this, you will first have to use a Georgian-Chinese date converter to convert the age of the mom and month of conceiving. Once you do that, you will have to refer to the chart. The chart varies from year to year. So you cannot use last year’s chart for this year’s prediction or this year’s to predict in 2019. Check the chart for 2018 in this post. Any mom conceiving between the age of 18-45 (before or after which conceiving can be fatal for both the mother and kid) can refer to this chart.

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Are These Accurate?

The predictions in this chart are based on Chinese lunar calendar, five elements, yin and yang, the eight diagrams etc. Like all other astrological studies, may be all these were linked to reproductive health of women and other factors which made these studies scientific. But now the scientific basis is long lost. So, it is not as accurate as your ultrasound results. So, do not trust it blindly and do not be disappointed if the results do not match. Nothing is more important that having a healthy baby, be it a boy or a girl. For countries like India, where knowing the babies gender is banned for obvious reasons, you can use the prediction study in advance to buy toys and clothes for your kid accordingly.

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