How To Choose Belts For Women

How To Choose Belts For Women

Belts are much well-loved accessories of women. Not only do belts help a woman to frame her fashion statement, they also ensure that the trousers (or jeans) she wears fit her better. If you are plump, you can wear the belts to look slimmer! Are you wondering how can that be possible? Well, the recent trends show that those gorgeous broad belts can be worn high above your waist in the most stylish way so that your tummy does not bulge out. If you are thin and the pants don’t fit you well, the belts are always there to keep your trousers in place so that you do not look clumsy! Thus, opting for the right belt can go a long way in defining the person you are and helping you to carry the attitude you are in love with. Choose wisely and this accessory would make you stand far above the rest!

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Choosing From The Range Of Belts Based On Occasions And Attires

Belts come in a gamut of shapes, sizes and styles. Here are a few tips for you as you consider picking up from the wide range of belts available-
Classic leather belts– If you are planning for a special dinner with your colleagues or business associates, go for a dressy belt to suit your needs. A dressy belt is a leather belt, generally available in one concrete color. It can be paired with any garment of your choice. So, if you need one belt to cater to multiple occasions, go for a classic leather belt.
Casual belts– If you want to wear belts with a pair of slacks or jeans and flaunt a casual look, go for a casual belt that comes in various colors and fresh designs.
Beaded Belts– They come in beads of vivid colors. They look very feminine and adorn your waistline beautifully.
Buckle belts– If you are in love with buckles, go for a buckle belt. You find them in plain as well as in flamboyant varieties. While regular buckles are generally square or round in shapes, there is an array of choice for buckles. You get them in golden, bronze, silver and copper color tones.
Reversible belts– When you want a belt that can be worn with a variety of outfits, try to invest in a reversible belt. These belts are available in various styles and often come in different solid colors.
Chain belts– If you want to invest in a belt to accessorize your outfits, go for chain belts. Sashes function as add-ons when you do not really need a belt but want to enhance the dimensions or add color to your dress. They often look like necklace chains and can have a series of similar or dissimilar shapes joined in a sequence.


Choosing The Right Belt- Aspects To Consider
While you go shopping, remember that as a woman of taste, you need to be wise in your selection. Go for a belt that would help you to flaunt your attitude and make a style statement that would catch your eyes. Here are a few tips for you-
Decide on the kind of attire you want to pair it with. This would help you understand the type of belt you should be investing in.
Understand the body type you are blessed with. If for instance, if you are overweight, buying a large and broad belt is a better option for you; if you are very thin, those supper skinny belts are just right for you. Here are a few tips for you based on your body types and your wish-list-
o Take notice of your waist and your hips. If you want to flaunt your wonderfully-shaped hips, go for belts that would be slung low along your hips.
o Is your waist rather short? Go for thin belts that would match with your top or t-shirt. On the other hand, if your waist is long, buy a thick belt that matches with your bottom wear.
o If the upper part of your body is narrow when compared with your thighs and hips, wide belts would be perfect for you.


This would attract eyes on your torso and your bust. However, if you do not want it that way, go for a basic black-colored belt.
o Do you have a full upper body or a thick waist? In that case, go for wide belts in solid colors and dark shades. If you love skinny belts, you must try to lay your hands on the broadest skinny belt.
Consider the length of the belt. The strap should not be too short or too long. If it is too short, it would cause you uneasiness while a long strap would look odd. Go for the belt strap that fits you properly.
Go for the color and style that compliments your figure and your dress. You get a wide range of colors and shapes when it comes to fashion belts.
With an eye for these little details, I am sure you would buy the best belts around. Happy shopping!

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