Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review, Swatches

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A very happy & prosperous navratri to everyone. May Maa Durga make your dreams come true, and shower happiness, love, luck & everything you ever wish for! By the way, my today’s excitement is also for this brand new Christian Louboutin lip color, and I am sure it needs no introduction on IMBB. I am lucky enough to get hold of this lip color as festivals are approaching and all I need is just my 6 yards of elegant wear with matching lip color to be on cloud nine. So let’s read more about Christian Louboutin Bengali Silky Satin Lipcolour!

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review4

$90 for 0.134 Oz, excludes shipping & tax.

Product Description:
This unique blend of ultra-fine color pigments express deep and generous color with a silky satin finish. Formulated with a complex of natural oils and seed butters, it enhances moisture for up to four hours and creates a protective effect against dryness. This lip color is available in a universal shade palette, ranging from light to deep tones, across mid-tonal and bright hues of pinks to berries, reds and corals, and nudes and browns.

Presented in a jewelry box and offered with a silk carrying pouch, the design mirrors an objet d’art so intimate as to be worn like a precious jewel; it transforms a forgotten object into a woman’s magic wand. The colors are available in three finishes—silky satin, velvet matte, and sheer voile—each with its own design. Each lip color features a unique elixir vial design with a silk ribbon to transform the lipstick into a necklace. The solid black or gold metal body holds the iconic Rouge Louboutin lip color.

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review13

Inspiration: Silky Satin Lip Colour, the perfect alliance of luxurious colour, sensuous feel and superior wear. For Christian Louboutin, a designer and creator of rare objects, lipstick is a woman’s magic wand. No longer tucked away between the key ring and the nail file, the Louboutin Lip Colour transforms a forgotten object into a treasured jewel.

Inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement, the solid metal body is reminiscent of a precious vial. The turret-like crown cap is topped with a small ring threaded with a silk ribbon, turning the lip colour into a necklace.

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review15

My Experience with Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour:

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review14

Well the lipstick is definitely luxurious, unique and drop dead gorgeous, right from its packaging to the shade. First of all, the gorgeous lip color is housed inside this marvelous, metallic, art-piece adorned with golden plating. These factors give it a rich, luxurious feel while the turret-like cap sits proudly on this masterpiece making it look like a king of the entire beauty kingdom. The gorgeous golden beauty lies in peace inside the velvet case with an additional pouch which simply justifies that a lipstick is women’s magic wand. The only issue I feel is that I have not been able to find an equally sophisticated place in my vanity to pamper and respect this masterpiece. 😛

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review5

Anyway coming to my shade ‘Bengali’, it seems to be a blue based bright pink shade to me; more tending towards neon fuchsia pink without shimmers. It complements my skintone really well with its bright pink glow while it looks different under different light conditions due to its high, glossy shine. I think it will definitely suit a variety of Indian skin tones including medium and tanned. However, the texture of the lipstick is nothing unique though, considering I have tried many high-end lipsticks earlier, and I find no difference in wearing a Guerlain or a Tom Ford or a Christian Louboutin. It certainly feels better than my Valentine’s day gift, La Prairie Cellular Luxe Cardinal Lip Colour, though.

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review7

To be precise, the texture is semi-creamy with a gel-like consistency that easily glides on my lips, settling into a semi-translucent finish with nearly medium coverage in just a swipe. I need two swipes to get evenly coated, pigmented color payoff with glossy high-shine. It stays put for good hours however the glossy shine soon converts into a subtle sheen within an hour, leaving a translucent, bright pink finish on my lips. I feel that the finish is forgiving for our normal-dry lips. It provides medium coverage to slightly pigmented lips, but it won’t help with deeply pigmented lips.

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review8

Honestly when I asked my hubby to click the pictures, he had no idea that I was wearing a Christian Louboutin lip color. 😛 Obviously he is one man behind every beautiful lip swatch you admire in my articles, and I value his judgmental stare which says it all. 😛 If you have tried the Tom Ford Silky Satin or Guerlain range, you will find that the formula is almost the same. Just like those brands, this one is not very hydrating on my lips nor does it dry them out. In short, nothing new! I mean I still feel like licking my lips occasionally while wearing these lipsticks which imply they do lack that spark. The staying power is pretty decent as it lasts around 4 hours on my lips and fades instantly after one heavy meal, leaving behind a subtle pink tint.

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review9

I feel that even though the formula is non-drying and decently hydrating, it is not suitable for dry or parched lips as I can see that it won’t efficiently hide dry patches. In fact it might settle on dry patches once the glossy shine settles to subtle sheen somehow. So this is what my desi instinct thinks of while being a beauty junkie and an avid fan of Christian Louboutin – I believe at least we all must own one such masterpiece. Moreover as they always say the journey remains the same for everyone what matters is the mode of transport, so this is it! Personally I feel I am done with owning one masterpiece but I am happier with Nars and Guerlain products, to be honest.

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review10


Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review6

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review1

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour:

• A gorgeous, velvety lip color with such bright pink pigmentation that will suit every Indian skin tone, regardless of undertone
• It glides effortlessly on my normal-dry lips, settling into a subtle shine with intense color payoff
• It imparts nearly 80% pigmentation in single swipe while I need a second swipe to even out the color
• It does not bleed or feather around the lips
• Even with multiple swipes it does not feel or look cakey on my lips
• It is not very hydrating on my lips but does not aggravate lip issues either
• My lips feel decently moisturised as long as the color remains on my lips
• It stays intact for good 4-5 hours thereby fading into a soft pink tint on lips with no nasty stain behind
• A flaunt-worthy, price-worthy packaging with a travel friendly pouch bag

Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review12

Cons of Christian Louboutin Bengali 100 Silky Satin Lip Colour:

• The texture & finish are not unique; I have seen such results with other brands like  Nars, Guerlain, Tom Ford etc
• I don’t feel it provides or saves my lips from dryness
• The staying power could have been better at least
• After looking at its performance, I am still wondering if the price tag is justified

As far as I know, there are people who either value looks or the performance. To me, performance comes first and then looks, so I feel that I am done with one piece of this golden beauty. Moreover, I feel I disrespect this beauty by stacking it with my messed up beauty products. Not to forget my naughty toddler at home who picks it up every now & then saying, “Momma, give it to me! It is mine!”, dropping it on the ground. 😛 Sorry Christian Louboutin, you definitely don’t deserve such treatment, but our gal’s winning smiles are more precious to me.

IMBB Rating:

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  1. it looks soooo gorgeous neetu, and you picked up such a pretty shade. I am dying to add one of these in my kitty!! Loved the review and your pout piccys. :-*

    1. yes rati they are gorgeous no doubt and shade is also so flattering for Indian skin tones 🙂 I am sure these louboutins will feel damn lucky to see them on ur flawless skin as well as in ur royal kit 🙂 N thank you dear u always boost up spirits 🙂 many thanx n wishing great year ahead!!

  2. Beautiful shade Neetu and awesome pics, love the way you write…I have been eyeing these but the price doesn’t convince me…

    Honestly $90 paying top dollars for a lippie it must be damn flawless and its making MAC and NARS look like drugstore 😛

    1. lol true paramita, the packaging did seem to raise bar for other brands though performance is as u said won’t convince unless we are adopted by versace 😛
      thank u dear for ur kind appreciation 🙂

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