Chritisan Louboutin Rouge Louboutin 001 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review, Swatch. FOTD


Claims : Silky Satin Lip Colour, the perfect alliance of luxurious colour, sensuous feel and superior wear.
Glides on lips with an opulent and sensual feel. Sets with a silky satin finish and soft shine.
Applies medium to full coverage in one stroke.
Features a unique blend of ultra-fine pigments for deep and generous colour.
Protects effectively against dryness thanks to a complex of natural oils and seed butters.
Lasts with comfort and excellent appearance without feathering for up to 4 hours.
Presented in a re-usable black lacquer carton jewelry box including a silk ribbon and a silk carrying pouch.

Made in USA.
Clinically tested. Formulated without Paraben, Mineral Oil, DEA or Phthalate.
Price : USD 90/ Rs 6000 approx

My Experience with Chritisan Louboutin Rouge Louboutin 001 Silky Satin Lip Colour
Hi Everyone, 🙂
I picked up a couple of Louboutin Lipsticks during my London Trip. But how could my collection be complete without the Louboutin’s Iconic Red. The Velvet Matte Rouge Louboutin is already reviewed on IMBB here. I am reviewing the Silky Satin Version.

The packaging is stunning. It comes packed in these big black box with velvetty interior for the lipstick. The lipstick case is gorgeous black, gold and silver in color. The cap is like a little crown. It actually looks like a king of lipsticks. 😛 There is also a net case provided to protect the lipstick from any scratches. The only problem with this stunning packaging is that the lipstick does not stand and especially while travelling, it is too much to carry the whole case with you. A lot of time I am preventing my lipstick from rolling down from my dresser. But anyway.

The color is gorrgeous warm red shade. I am obsessed with this lip color. Either I am mixing it with various lipsticks or wearing it on its own. And most of all, I cannot stop wearing it almost every other day here is Paris. I just like how bright the shade of red is but still has that little subdued quality. I feel it adds that freshness to my face even on days when I am looking very tired. It’s a great universally flattering shade imo.

The finish is satiny creamy. It glides on lips like a dream. There is a little sticky but it feels more like a hydrating cream on lips. It is quite an emollient formula and since I am in rather cold Paris these days, I love how comfortable it keeps my lips. The lipstick looks creamy on application and settles down to soft satin looks after an hour or so. Sometimes I also wear it matte by patting the shine with a tissue. I just like the versatility of using two textures with one lipstick. The only thing that bothers me with this lipstick is that it transfers quite a lot. And that is why a lot of time I like to pat away the excess with a tissue and then go on with the day. It is also a very pigmented lipstick. One swipe and you have 90% opacity.

The staying power is good 4-5 hours and it leaves a soft stain even after a full on meal. But it is pretty much gone after 5 hour max. Then I just wipe my lips clean and apply a fresh red coat of lipstick again and I love it! 🙂 The lipstick does not bleed or smudge with after a meal I find it smudges quite a bit on my bottom lips. But I personally face this issue with almost all lipsticks so nothing new for me. After a full on meal I’d pretty much do a touchup almost always. But no worries with this one with some mugs of coffee except you’d be leaving some red kisses on cups behind. 😀 This lipstick is also free of parabens, mineral oils and a lot of nasty stuff.It also does not settle on my fine lines. I feel the texture of the lipstick rather makes my lips look smoother and softer. It has a soft rosy fragrance to it but nothing bothersome.

Overall, I reallly really like this lip color. It’s perfection in my books. One of the prettiest reds and I adore the comfortable smooth texture. Especially in this dry weather I don’t have to bother about applying lip balm because this works both as a great lip color and a lip hydrant. It’s a pure luxury and an indulgence but I am glad it’s a lovely one. Crazy price but well! that’s Louboutin for you!
Rating : 4.5/5









Swatch : christian-louboutin-rouge-louboutin-silky-satin-lip-color-001-swatch



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16 thoughts on “Chritisan Louboutin Rouge Louboutin 001 Silky Satin Lip Colour Review, Swatch. FOTD

  1. I fell for these completely, but the price is holding me back. Gorgeeeeouusss color, you look stunning. These are pure luxury!

  2. Craftsmenship aside, that shade looks ravishing on you! Absolutely stunning! I felt it was something special – even though I could see just a glimpse of it on Insta!

    1. thank you K. I love a good red. and this one is a fabuulous one! I am so happy it turned out this way. I love the texture and finish of it as well 🙂

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