Ciate Nail Paints Review, Photos , Swatches

Ciate Nail Paints Review, Photos , Swatches

Hi Everyone,

Just adding 5 more Ciate nail paints to list. Ciate nail paints are now available at Sephora India for Rs 1000/- each. They are just uhhhhmazing nail paints. Here’s quick look at some new additions in my collection. 🙂

Carousel PP153 : A beautiful muted gold sparkle. It stays on and on until you remove it. And removing it is quite difficult just like all glitter nail paints but looks sooo pretty. A liquid gold in a bottle. 😀 This is two coats.

ciate carousel

ciate carousel nail painst

ciate carousel nail polish

ciate carousel nail polish review

Plastic Fantastic PP022 : A very pretty creamy mauve pink. I personally think that this looks gorgeous on feet than on hands. It’s like that understated pink that speaks classy and elegant. I use use two coats of it in pics below.

Confetti PP086 : This is best used as a top coat than on its own. It is a clear nail paint with multi coloured glitter but silver is the mail glitter through out. I have used 3 coats of it but I can still see my nail showing through it. Nice but i would have loved if it was a supper chunky bright silver with multi glitters.


ciate confetti

ciate confetti nail polish

ciate confetti nail polish review

ciate confetti nail polish 1

ciate confetti

ciate plastic fantastic nail paint

ciate plastic fantastic nail paints


ciate plastic fantastic nails


Heirloom PP116 : This is one of my favourite nail paint from the collection. It is a beautiful duo-chrome khaki green and purple metallic nail paint. It goes on thin and you have to apply atleast 3 coats of it get a very opaque finish. But it’s worth every effort. 🙂

ciate heirloom nail paint

ciate heirloom nail paint duochrome

ciate heirloom nail polish pics



Pool Party PP 136 : A stunning creamy royal blue. Does not need any description. Goes on smooth. I have used two coats of it. 🙂

ciate pool party nail polish

ciate pool party nail polish review

ciate royal blue nail paint

ciate pool party




ciate nail paints review, photos, notd

Hi Everyone, 🙂

If you remember, I picked up these 6 cute bottles on Ciate Nail Paints during my Bangkok trip. Honestly, I bought them only because they looked sooo cute. ^_^. One of my friend mentioned that these look like little gifts. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

I’d quickly list the pros and cons. :

  • Adorable packaging
  • Amazing color selection. They also have brilliant caviar nail paints too.
  • Super creamy finish.
  • Haven’t found any streaking in all 6 nail paints I have used so far. You need two coats for each.
  • The names are so thoughtfully give to each nail paint.
  • Stay glossy for as long as they are on your nails. Your nail paint looks freshly applied at all times.
  • The staying power is not impressive. they start chipping on day 3. 🙁
  • Not available in India.

Despite the cons, I suggest you give these a go whenever you can. You’d love them. 🙂

Here are the shades. 🙂

Big Yellow Taxi PP065 : a beautiful creamy lemon yellow shade. It reminds me of vanilla custard. 😀


ciate big yellow taxi nail polish

ciate big yellow taxi nail polish review

ciate big yellow taxi nail polish review, swatch

ciate big yellow taxi nail paint photos

ciate big yellow taxi nail paint pics

Headliner PP057 : A creamy turquoise shade
Ciate nail polish headliner

Ciate nail polish headliner review, swatch

Ciate nail polish headliner review, swatch, photos


ciate headliner

Ditch the Heels 069 : A very pretty apple martini shade.

ciate ditch the heels nail polish

ciate ditch the heels nail polish review

ciate ditch the heels nail polish review, swatch

Ciate ditch the heels


Pom Pom 084 : A coral red. it’s perfect for summers.  ciate pom pom

ciate pom pom 084 review, swatch

ciate pom pom photos

ciate pom pom photos, review


Palm Tree PP 135 : a creamy parrot green. You have already seen it HERE Ciate palm tree nail paint

Ciate palm tree nail paint review


Ciate palm tree nail paint review, swatch


Red Hot Chilli PP 138 :  a beeeauuutiful orangey red. Ciate red hot chilli nail paint

Ciate red hot chilli nail paint photos, swatches


Ciate red hot chilli nail paint photos, swatches, review


And that’s the brush. It’s very fine and fans easily on the nail. ciate-nail-paint-brush

Which one is your favourite? 🙂

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  1. the bottles are super cute *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* *puchhi* and I loved all of the shades on your nails *nails* *nails* *drool*

  2. *happy dance* di these nail paints look super cute..each and every shade suits you ..looks like they have made these shades only for you

  3. The packaging is super cute, and all girly shades *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*
    Wish I can get them some day *scared* *shy*

  4. I want them all *drool* *drool* the packaging is so cuteee *happy dance* and all the colors are so perfect for summers, great find Rati they are looking stunning on ur pretty nails *nails* *nails*

  5. Love these cute lil babies…omg such pretty summery shades…love them all.
    .and above all looks amazing on u…

  6. Wooooooowww!! *drool* *drool* *woot* *woot* I love all the shades except Yellow taxi 😛 and you rock every shade here!! *jai ho* I am in total bowled over by Headliner *drool*

  7. Wowwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee…..all the polishes are awesome……the bows add so much cuteness… favorite the apple maritini, turquoise, and orangey red *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool*

  8. oh my!!! the bottles are soooo cute! the varnish looks just amazing! also, pom pom and ditch the heels? *whistle* *jai ho* *happydance*

  9. Aww These are some amazing shades..Rati di aren’t these cool toned shades bcuz they make ur hands look dark ?? *shock* Will The suit lighter skin tones *preen* Packaging Is adorable *woot* 😀

  10. omg.. all shades are super gorgeous and summery.. *jai ho* *nails* *nails* totally loved it on ur nails.. *woot* *woot* loved their packaging,, so cute naa… *woot* *happydance* me wanna their green and pinks.. *drool* *nails*

  11. o my gosh….so many awesome colors…. *drool* ….. *clap* and the packaging sooooo cute and girly…. *whistle*

  12. I loooove Plastic Fantastic *woot* *woot* I am in absolute awe of your swatch for plastic fantastic *jai ho*

  13. wow…so pretty shades…and looking just awesome in your nails…i am loving the royal blue`s superb…i like the orange red color,parrot green and the lighter shade of the green also..the packaging is super cute…hope i could buy these cute nail paints also..but 1000 rs for a nail really too much for me.. 🙁 and they don`t even available in the Indian market sad..

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