Miss Claire Easy Liner for Eyes 06- Turquoise Review, Swatch

Miss Claire Easy Liner for Eyes 06- Turquoise Review, Swatch

Hello Beauties 🙂

Ever since I saw Priyanka Chopra using beautiful blue eye-liners in Dostana, I really got an urge to bring some colored liners for my eyes too (yeah we people never get tired of getting filmy inspiration :P). The first one I tried was a sky blue from Jordana (Bliss was the shade I think), and then I bought three other colors, one of them being Turquoise from Miss Claire, my first product from this brand. I didn’t want to spend much on colored liners as my frequency of their use wouldn’t be much I thought. But contrary to my thoughts, I’ve been using this one more often, it gives and amazing look.

Miss Claire  Easy liner For eyes Turqoise 06 (2)


Rs.90/- for 0.32 gm

Shelf Life:

3 years.


This one’s thankfully a retractable twist-up pencil not like Chambor that once the liner comes out you can’t tuck it back in..sometimes by mistake I even retracted in the opposite direction, but I saved it. It’s thin, small pencil easy to carry and of the same color as your shade. I’ve already used more than half of it 🙂

Miss Claire Easy liner for eyes Turqoise 06

My experience with Miss Claire easy liner Turquoise:


Oh I so love this shade, It’s exactly a turquoise, somewhere between green and blue, so it works with blue & green outfits really well. It’s a glossy shade with a hint of shine and I totally love it. It looks great on the waterline as well as lash line. And frankly speaking such shades are not too useful for daily purpose, so I decided to go for economy.

Texture: The texture is creamy and smooth with shimmer that does not outshine, but matches well with the color.

Stay-on capacity:

It fades after 4-5 hours, but doesn’t smudge on the lash line. On the waterline, it requires more strokes to get the perfect shade and smudges faster. Another problem is my contact lenses; very few liners can stay against them so this one fades a bit on the waterline in about 4 hours. Waterproof…I wash my face with water/face wash and it doesn’t vanish. I literally need to take it off using my Lakme make-up remover.

Miss Claire Easy liner for eyes Turqoise 06 (4)


To get the right shade you need around 2-3 strokes on the lash line and about 3-4 on the waterline. I usually use it on lash line, and it’s like a unique color on my eyes. However, after a certain period of usage as the tip doesn’t remain that sharp, it becomes slightly difficult to use in the inner corner.

Pros of Miss Claire Easy Liner for Eyes Turquoise:

  • Available in a variety of colors & you can try them all
  • Affordable.
  • Available in a retractable form and easy to carry.
  • Really waterproof, and doesn’t smudge at all.
  • Turquoise color has a good shimmer with it.
  • Eye pencil has the same color as the shade, so easily distinguishable.
  • Good shelf life for such a price.

Miss Claire Easy liner for eyes Turqoise 06 (3)

Cons of Miss Claire Easy Liner for Eyes Turquoise:

  • It fades after 4-5 hours and fades faster on the waterline.
  • Ingredients not mentioned anywhere on the pack.
  • More than one stroke is needed to get the right shade.
  • Not easily available everywhere like leading brands.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase it?

Yes 🙂


Full marks to the color! Even though it fades a bit, you can still see it standing fine in your eyes. It’s a worth buy if you are not on a heavy make-up haul or if you wish to try something new and economical.

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