Claire’s Bamboo Powder Brush Review

By Samrita N.

Do you watch makeup tutorials online and read them on your favorite blog? Do you longingly stare at these women’s makeup brushes that they highly recommend when they bring it super close to the camera to show you how pretty those brushes look? Would you like to own a staple makeup brush without breaking your bank? Well in that case…

Ola bonita chica’s!! And welcome to today’s review of the Claire’s Powder (makeup and cosmetic) brush! I too am one of those woman who have wanted to own a big face and powder brush but I’m not going to shell out $50 dollars for it whether it be in America or Australia, or thousands of rupees in India. That’s because I have KBNS- the Kanjoos Bharatiya Naari Syndrome.

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Product description:

This big face and body powder brush from Claire’s is sure to make you a very happy bunny. I have the brush in a bamboo handle with a metallic silver ferrule and two toned beige and dark brown synthetic bristles. Well I’m guessing they are synthetic due to the feel and look, it’s primary packaging was a clear plastic with no details about the actual brush. There is also another option with a white handle (maybe plastic but I’m not sure), same metallic silver ferrule and pink bristles. That one is definitely more girly but it wasn’t in stock when I bought this!


I saw this at a Claire’s in Texas last year for USD 8.50 but I didn’t get a real feel of it till I was at the Claire’s at Ambience mall in New Delhi where it retails for a super cheap Rs 550. What an absolute BARGAIN!

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My experience with the Claire’s Bamboo Powder Brush:

I don’t know why I didn’t try out this brush when I first saw it. Maybe I thought it was too cheap to be a good one! That thought that its too good to be true perhaps? And I don’t even know what made me check it out in Delhi, but boy am I glad I did. This brush has proved to be so durable over the last few months and I have had no loss of bristles so far- I have cleaned it with my MAC brush cleanser several times. For the price it has proved to be such a good brush, it’s ridiculous how much brushes cost these days! This is such a dense brush and is incredibly soft too.

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It hasn’t scratched my face like some cheaper brushes can, in fact this feels luxurious and expensive. I have been careful to not let my brush cleanser or any water to enter the ferrule and I’ve had it under 6 months so I can’t tell you about its ruggedness but you’re not supposed to let water enter any brush ferrule so I guess this brush is for sure going to last me a while! I have used this brush to blend my contouring, for bronzing purposes and to apply my transparent MAC prep and prime on my t-zone to control oil throughout the day. I also use it to blend out my NYX roll on shimmers when I’m applying those on my body. It generally has worked very well for blending throughout my face. So I can tell you that this has been a godsend brush to use with powder products. I have not used it with any crème blush or liquid foundation so I cannot comment on that.

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Pros of Claire’s Bamboo Powder Brush:

Affordable, durable, super soft with a sturdy bamboo handle. Also available in pink bristles!

Cons of Claire’s Bamboo Powder Brush:

There is no mention of this on their website. But is this a con against buying the product? Nope.

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Would I repurchase or recommend the Claire’s Bamboo Powder Brush?

I hope this lasts me a long time and I would not need to repurchase this in the near future. But if I did, I’d get the pink one for sure. And yes, absolutely yes I give this a big thumbs up and recommend it to ya’ll!

IMBB rating:

5/5 hands down!

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