Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing Review

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing Review

By Rasshi N.

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are doing great and Happy Ganesh Chaturti to all of you. I have another Clarins product for you all today, I am going to be reviewing the Clarins After Sun Gel.  You know those really sunny beach holidays? where the scene is so picturesque, the wind blowing in your hair, the sun shining on your golden skin and the ocean splashing your freshly pedicured feet. Ahh Summer, I truly miss you. Yes those holidays, where you are bound to be sun kissed and tanned from head to toe. They are beautiful right? However as much as lounging in the sun and relaxing under its rays sounds inviting, it definitely has its side effects. Sun burn and peeling of the skin being the most popular one out of all. Yes we do want our dose of Vitamin D, especially living in cold cities like London, but definitely, not at the expense of my skin burning out and peeling due to the harsh effects of sun bathing and this is where we require a soothing gel. Now, because my family loves lazing in the sun, I have made many many many trips to such sunny destinations – resulting in me trying and testing various sorts of soothing gels, as it is a bare necessity for me. Clarins After Sun Gel is one such product that I tried while on a trip to the Maldives. It so happened, that I had picked up this product while shopping in the US, but never really tried it, but here was my chance to test it and that is exactly what I did.

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing


$31.54/ Rs. 1908.27


Purified Water, Alcohol Denat., Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Dipropylene Glycol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Butylene Glycol, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Tilia Cordata (Linden) Extract, Glycerin, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Fragrance, Tocopheryl Acetate, Panthenol, Retinyl Palmitate, Bisabolol, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Yellow 6.

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

Product Description:

Guard your skin against signs of premature wrinkles and skin aging with after sun care – the second key step in sun protection. This refreshing gel immediately soothes and comforts, as it helps reduce redness and calms that feeling of hot skin after too much sun time. Skin is rehydrated, keeping it soft and smooth, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines, while helping to prolong your tan.

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

My Experience with Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing:

I love all Clarins products, most of the time they have always done great to my skin. Only rarely have I ever had bad stuff to say about the brand, it definitely has been my go-to brand for skin care products. So needless to say, I was pretty confident again while purchasing this product that it would compliment my skin type.

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

After applying it 2-3 times while vacationing, I fell head over heels for this product. I usually applied it in the evenings, post showering and cleaning myself up after a long day by the pool or the beach. In my opinion, that is the best time to apply such products since you are away from the sun and allow the product to actually work. The gel comes in a really pretty, bright orangeish- yellow colour squeeze tube. It has a plastic flip cover to it, which is pretty sturdy and of a great quality. The whole feel of it is very summery, and looks absolutely stunning, whenever I carry it around in my beach tote. The gel too is a yellowish-light orange color, almost similar to the tube’s colour, but on the lighter side. The fragrance of the smell is not fruity or summery though, it’s fresh, but has a sort of musk smell to it. So, I would say that it is a bit masculine to smell, but I have no qualms about that, since it does its job so well.

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

The texture of the gel is so soft and silky, it feels extremely light upon application and gets easily absorbed by the skin. Usually, after-sun gels are sort of thick and feel sticky on the skin, but with this, it was nothing of that sort, it was smooth to apply, easily glided onto my skin and left it feeling cool and supple. I don’t usually start peeling too badly, but my youngest sister has more sensitive skin and her nose turns rough and itchy. So, when she applied it, her itchiness faded away in 5-6 hours and her nose was no longer rough, it was so soft to touch. Yes, it is this good!

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

The beauty of this product according to me is that it can be worn on my face as well as my whole body, so that way I don’t need to carry two separate products for application. This is a boon for me, since due to the sensitivity of my skin and its ability to break out if any product irritates it, has always always stopped me from using regular soothing gels on my face as well. But with this pretty thing, like I said, no need! One product is enough to do the job! Kudos to Clarins for this! So all you oily skin beauties can also use it without the fear of breaking out, but it is imperative to use the right amount.

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

Now, let’s get to the bit about it “prolonging the tan.” Personally, I don’t mind getting tanned while on vacation. And moreover, I don’t get that badly tanned as compared to the rest of my family, I have a fair skin tone and it turns to hints of golden that fades away in a week’s time once I am back home. Having said that, I don’t like my tan staying on for a long time! I am happy with my original skin tone. So, I was a bit apprehensive about this part of the product claim, but thankfully, it did not live up to it and I was saved. Hallelujah! So guys do not fret about your tan being prolonged or staying on for too long with this product. It is a great soothing gel, but not so great at prolonging the tan. And ladies, it can be used when you are not on a holiday too. I know the Indian sun can be harsh too, if you spend a lot of time underneath it, you can give this a try!

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

So to conclude, ladies, if you are planning on a summer getaway with lots of sun, the glistening ocean and snorkelling (do try it! it’s magical) . Do carry this with you! It will be your best friend on your trip and help you from all the sun burns and redness caused by the sun.

Pros of Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing:

  • The texture is so silky and soft.
  • Feels so lightweight on the skin, no sense of greasiness endured.
  • Highly effective in easing and soothing the irritation caused by sun tanning.
  • Did not break me out! YES!
  • Easily absorbed by the skin and moisturizes it too.
  • The tube packaging is so pretty, reminds me of the sun.
  • Travel friendly.

Cons of Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing:

  • The fragrance, might not be appealing to everyone.
  • Contains parabens.
  • A little on the expensive side, but worth it since it gets the job done more than right.

Would I Repurchase Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing?

Yes because I love the sun and sea and will require more of this when I am away on vacations.

Would I Recommend Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing?

Without a doubt yes! It should be the first thing you pack when going on a summer holiday.

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