Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray Review

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray Review

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray Review

Product Description:

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily.  Be serene! Clarins brings your world into beautiful balance with an aromatic caress of soothing, pure plant extracts. Essential oils of Basil, Iris, Cedar wood and Sarsaparilla promote a feeling of total relaxation while locking in a delicate veil of scented moisture. Non-photosensitizing formula is safe enough to wear in the sun. Spray on over Eau Ressourçante Bath & Shower Milk and Eau Ressourçante Silky-Smooth Body Cream to create an atmosphere of “aah spa” calm.  The Clarins Eau Ressourcante Rebalancing Fragrance takes you to a new fragrant universe…one of serenity, well-being and relaxation.  More than a fragrance – it’s a skin treatment too. A long-lasting woody-floral which helps to release tension, clear and calm the mind and restore balance. Envelop yourself in freshness and serenity, and rediscover harmony and energy.

Apply as a spray over the whole body, at any time of the day:
• Longan stimulates.
• Sarsaparilla relaxes and moisturises.
• Essential oils of Basil, Iris, Cedar and Benzoin scent, soothe and enhance a feeling of relaxation.
• Robinia soothes and softens.

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray


29 pounds for 100 ml.

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Shelf Life:

As long as it does not evaporate in thin air.

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray

My Take on Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray:

This is more like a perfume for aromatherapy rather than a scent for my nose. I spray this scent for my own self. I never knew perfumes could also lift stress away, but since the time I have had my L’Occitane Vert Green Little Box, I have come to know a genre of perfumes besides the conventional one.

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray

It is a little sweet when you spray the first spray and then it settles into a citrusy relaxing scent.  The only problem I have with this scent is that it does not stay registered on my skin for very long. It runs me 2 hours maximum. That is shameful for a beauty like this one.  Something every woman could use for a tranquil escape.  It is nothing overpowering, ideal for cubicle work, bed, or airplane travel.

For nosy people who refrain from sniffing or using perfumes, this could be the thing.  My mother is one of those ladies who do not like spraying or sniffing perfumes, but she kind of accepted this on me.  A very gorgeous pretty blue glass bottle is lovely to look at and sits prettily on my vanity.

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray

I have had a couple of Clarins therapy fragrances and find them much better than their perfumes line. Most of this spray has been used by me before going to bed, that kind of scent.  It does have a strong basil and cedar mix.

This is still one of those scents, which would need a lot of matching up with your skin chemistry, not for masses. I think this would be extra nice layered with the same-scented Clarin’s body products. Clarins makes great body stuff, and this to me feels more like a skin care product than a proper perfume, but I like it for what it is none-the-less.

Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray

It is definitely not an event perfume. It cannot be a signature scent for anyone as it is so light and non-specific.  It is not a complex perfume at all, not much going on in there.

Pros of Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray:

  • The oh so good relaxing smell. Nothing like any perfume you must have ever used. Very therapeutic, delighted to have it in my bag all the time.
  • The blue bottle, very Clarins, very pretty.
  • I get a bunch of compliments when I am wearing this, it is a scent for all noses.

Cons of Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray:

  • Non-availability in India.
  • The price is a bit high for the quantity.
  • The fact that it does not stay on my skin.


Overall, it gets a rating of 2.5/5.  I will so review its red and yellow variant (yes, I actually call the perfumes by their bottle colors).

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19 thoughts on “Clarins Eau Ressourcante Natural Spray Review

  1. very nice and holistic review..
    waiting for the red perfume review…since m planning to buy that one..eagerly waiting for the review 🙂

  2. awww. unfortunatly it doesnt stay on the skin very long which is the most important thing other than the smell about a perfume 🙂 great review

  3. i love the bottle! You’re right – its so Clarins! But I’ll give this a miss because of the staying power, whats a perfume if it doesnt stay long 🙁

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