Clarins Extra-Firming Mask Review

Skin type: combination, sensitive and acne prone

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I am here to share my views about Clarins Extra-Firming Mask. This mask claims to restore skin’s firmness and maintain elasticity. To know more about this mask, kindly continue reading.


Price: $75 for 75ml
Product Description:
The 1st relaxing anti-aging mask* that helps visibly smooth stress lines and wrinkles, restore firmness, and revive radiance—for younger-looking skin in just 10 minutes!
⦁ Visibly smoothes stress lines
⦁ Visibly minimizes wrinkles
⦁ Visibly firms
⦁ Renews radiance
Key Ingredients:
Banana has powerful nutrients that make it the perfect addition to a face mask. Rich in potassium and moisture, it hydrates and moisturises dry skin, making it soft and supple. Contains vitamins E and C; which helps promote clear glowing skin. Banana is a great exfoliator which helps slough off excess sebum on skin surface. It is also known as nature’s botox, contains super wrinkle fighting nutrients that helps fade age spots and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Banana and its peels are excellent homemade remedies for treating acne and pimples. Helps lighten dark spots.
Lemon thyme plays an important role in skincare; it is used in treatment of acne, as it possesses amazing anti-bacterial properties. It is effective in fighting the bacteria that causes skin acne and helps maintain healthy skin. Thyme essential oil can be diluted with water and used as a toner to tighten mature skin. It is gentle on skin and can be used for all skin types. Also has anti fungal properties.
How to Apply:
Apply Using the. clarins exclusive pressure point application method; which acts on three areas of the face; forehead, eye zone and facial contours and helps relieve tension in the face and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
It comes packaged in a lilac coloured, oval shaped, frosted glass jar which has a white and gold coloured screw open cap. This jar comes packaged in a white and gold coloured cardboard box. The screw open cap has an inner lid which fits firmly on the jar, making the packaging travel-friendly. However, in my opinion, the jar size is not travel-friendly. The jar packaging could be a con for some even though a spatula is provided for hygienic use. This transparent plastic spatula comes packed in a white and red coloured strong plastic packaging.

My Experience with Clarins Extra-Firming Mask:

Clarins extra firming facial mask is a lilac coloured, soothing, rich and creamy textured mask. The consistency is thick and sticky. It has to be gently massaged on facial skin using fingertips and palms till it gets absorbed. It gradually gets absorbed by the skin and the excess can be wiped off after ten minutes. In fact, Clarins has given a step-by-step method for optimal results, which can be checked out on their website. This extra firming facial mask is made of aromatic plant extracts which soothe my senses and give a relaxing and refreshing feeling. The key ingredients in this facial mask are banana and lemon thyme; both of these have skin benefitting, moisturising and anti-fungal properties, as mentioned above.


I apply this facial mask on cleansed skin. I warm up some mask in between my palms and then apply it using my fingertips. The texture of this mask is very rich, sticky and creamy. It starts to get absorbed during application; I wait for ten minutes till it gets completely absorbed and then wipe off the excess with a dry tissue. My skin feels firmer, younger, plumped, refined, relaxed and restored. It gives a radiant and youthful glow to my facial skin and restores its lustre. It’s like getting a facial done at a parlour. My skin feels sticky if the excess is not removed thoroughly, though. Even after removing the excess mask from the surface, the skin tends to feel sticky on certain areas of the face after some time.


Some people recommend washing this mask off after ten minutes. The first time, I left it on for a few hours and when the sticky feeling persisted, I washed my face. This resulted in two pimples on my cheeks where I was having the persistent sticky feeling. Lesson learnt – better to wash it off using a facial cleanser or remove the excess mask using a toner, as suggested. Secondly, I now apply with a light hand, not more than a spatula, so there is no excess left on the skin. I, then, wash it after ten minutes using a face cleanser. After washing the mask off, results are more evident and visible. After using this mask, my skin feels greasy and secretes oil throughout the day.


Probably it is not suitable for my combination skin type which tends to be acne prone. It will definitely not suit my combination skin during summers when my skin tends to become oily and is more prone to acne. However, will try using this mask during extreme winters when my skin tends to become dry and needs extra care and nourishment. In my opinion, this extra-firming facial mask is suitable for very dry, normal to dry and combination to dry skin types. Oily and acne prone skin types can skip this mask.


Pros of Clarins Extra-Firming Mask:

⦁ Relaxing, anti-ageing and extra firming facial mask.
⦁ Helps visibly smoothen stress lines and wrinkles.
⦁ Restores firmness and adds radiance to the skin.
⦁ Skin looks visibly younger.
⦁ Excess cream can be removed after 10 minutes.
⦁ Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Clarins Extra-Firming Mask:

⦁ Not suitable for oily and acne prone skin types.
⦁ Jar packaging could be a con for some.
⦁ Size is not travel-friendly.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Clarins Extra-Firming Mask?
Yes, I do recommend but only to dry to very dry skin types. I will not repurchase it.

Thanks and cheers!

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