Clarins White Plus Serum + Cleanser Review

Clarins white plus

A lot of you have been complimenting me on my skin of late.Thank you. 🙂 Almost a month back my skin became super dull and dead after my bad experience with my previous product . I was in a desperate need to revive my skin care texture and get the glow back in my skin. I were to go skin care products shopping but just a day before that I met a friend ,who works with Clarins. She handed over these products to me and asked me to give these  a try. Honestly, I was reluctant to try out the products seeing the condition of my skin but I still went ahead.

These two products have completely changed the way my skin looks. If you have seen my recent pics HERE, I am not wearing foundation in any of the pics. :))

I have been using the Clarins White Plus Serum and  the Clarins White Plus Pearl to Cream Brightening Cleanser for more than a month now.. almost 40 days. Here’s my experience :

White Plus Serum Ingredients 

clarins white plus serum ingredients

clarins white plus serum review


The Bottle : 

clarins white plus serum

Price : Rs 4,300

My Experience :

For me, this product proved to be a hero product for my skin care routine. It is a water based serum so it is good for all skin types. I use it after spraying some rose water / toner on my skin. This gets absorbed within seconds. It has a very light texture and feels super hydrating the moment you apply it on your skin. I follow it up with a moisturizer. This serum has totally revived the texture of my skin. It feels like to it went deep into my skin layers and has sort of repaired the inner layers of my skin giving my skin a healthy glow. My skin looks so much clearer and it glows.:D  I was never keen on the whitening part but I would say that this has helped in clearing out my skin and giving it that polished look. It has a mild floral kind fragrance.

I have not got any dry patches and considering how much I travel, my skin gets exposed to all kind of weather conditions. This has worked as a great protective product in not only maintaining but also reviving my skin.

I am sooo very thankful that I got to use this product. This serum contains a lot of plant based extracts and this has lived up to all the claims it mentions. *happydance*

I cannot see how much product is left but the bottle does feel a bit empty. I have been using it both day and night from past month or so and I feel it would easily go on for another 15-20 days.

It comes in a little pump bottle so it’s very easy to carry around.

I don’t think I am stopping using this anytime soon.

I highly recommend this to everyone. May be ask for samples at the Clarins counters.. or test try at the counter itself. It si brilliant! 🙂

Rating : 5/5

clarins white plus review

Clarins Pearl to Cream Brightening Cleanser Claims :

Price : Rs 1690

clarins white plus cleanser

Ingredients :

clarins white plus cleanser

Cleanser :

It is a gel-cream textured pearly white cleanser. It lathers up really well and leaves the skin squeaky clean. For me this is a perfect morning cleanser when you want something that smells extremely refreshing and sort of wakes up your senses. 😛 I especially like to clean my face with this after I have come home from outside. It leaves squeaky clean. This cleanser however leaves my skin a bit dry but  nothing that a moisturizer cannot take off. It is best for those with combination or oily skin since it feels as if it is pulling out all impurities from the skin.

As a combination to the serum the cleanser felt great but I would repurchase the serum for sure. Not too keen at the cleanser though.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 4/5

For record, I have normal to dry skin. 🙂

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31 thoughts on “Clarins White Plus Serum + Cleanser Review

  1. Yahoo….finally the most awaited post is here!!! Thanks Rati *puchhi* I didn’t even read the post fully *hihi* Very excited to know secrets of the skin that looks like million bucks 🙂

  2. wow!!seems like an awesome product *drool* i l have to save my pocket money to get it *ghost* wish it was a little affordable though 😛 and you indeed look glowy glowy! *haan ji* *powder*

  3. I love reading your posts Rati!!!! *hifive* I am for sure going to try this out as soon as I can get my hands on it *oye balle* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  4. arey wah… your skin looks glowy… *clap* touch wood… 🙂 this is a wonderful product then… no doubt… *happy dance*

  5. wow .. your skin looks very clear and glowing. *whistle* .. i had got samples of clarins face wash . moisturizer and serum n product feels good on applying..but i purchased the clinique even better dark spot correcter…. but after reading your review i am so tempted to buy the clarins as well *duh*

  6. It’s really nice to know that it worked for u .. That too soo well.. Ur skin is just glowing in ur prev posts.. I am quite tempted to buy them .. But will it work for oily skin too

  7. Rati di you gave it 5/5 *woot* this must be a great one then *drool* i have heard soo much about these serums *jalwa* i want to try this soon.. will buy it with my next bunch of savings *happydance* *happydance*

  8. wow am getting clarins now.. *happydance* its suitable for all skin types yayyy.. *happy dance* *happy dance* *thankyou* *puchhi*

  9. Rati, this sounds amazing!! I have a high opinion of Clarins ever since I tried their sunscreen (try it, its awesome!) *woot* *woot* *woot* I may try the serum. Ever since summers started my skin has been breaking out now n then n now am left with huge acne marks *cry* *cry* Using Clinique anti blemish but I need something for marks 🙁 Do u think the serum would help?

  10. Hey Rati…the serum sounds like a magical potion which can transform your dull skin miraculously…. *haan ji* *haan ji* *happydance* *hifive*

  11. Rati, I am planning to give this a shot..what moisturizer are you using post serum application?? *scared* *scared*

  12. Wow this sounds too good. And I too have normal dry combination skin, same pinch* will certainlycheck this out. Me too want that glow like your Rati…

  13. My friend is a die-hard fan of Clarins and I also have started liking their products. I use the Clarins White Plus Cream and it has really worked well for my skin. Would definitely recommend.

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