Clarisonic or Panasonic Pore Cleanser: Ask IMBB

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My sister is thinking of buying an electronic facial pore cleanser. She zeroed in on Panasonic but the reviews online aren’t in its favour, that’s when I suggested Clarisonic. Do you know of any other electronic pore cleansers that can be bought off ebay or Amazon?


17 thoughts on “Clarisonic or Panasonic Pore Cleanser: Ask IMBB

  1. there is one from olay and neutrogena also i think…though I would highly suggest to get clarisonic..i know its expensive but its worth the investment..i have never used it but its in my wish list 🙂

  2. phew after a long time on IMBB ! Jomol how are you?… clarisonic is good… U know .. I remember watching a michelle phan video where she used an electric toothbrush..the video must be 2-3 yr old though..Infact i used to use a normal soft bristle toothbrush to scrub my face after watching this video and was surprised by the fantastic result…it actually worked.. sasta and achcha…

    1. Hi Nandini….I am doing fine….how are you? I want clarisonic now…and for the toothbrush trick is great 🙂

  3. Clarasonic is in my wish list too . May be this Christmas season If an exciting offer comes up I’ll buy it . And I read some reviews online . I think the clarasonic is the best (apart from PRICE)

    1. Jyoti….Clarasonic is it then……I would suggest it to her….but they are selling the brush head separately…??

  4. oh… no not panasonic… its waste of money, doesn’t help at all. it is lying in my closet like forever.

    1. Amel thank you…..if I hadn’t posted this Ask IMBB today, we would have wasted a few thousands :)……

  5. Clarisonic mia. Be careful in choosing the brushheads though , they have numerous varieties, select the ones for your skin type. (like sensitive…et al )

  6. jomo i’d say dont go for either. 🙁 i read somewhere that these electronic pore cleansers pull and stretch the skin more than it is actually required. regular scrubbing should do. i mean i could be totally wrong but i read it so it stayed with me and makes sense to me. but otherwise a lot of people swear by clarisonic.

    1. Even I thought so rati . But thn I checked more reviews and u got to know that Clarasonic doesn’t go in round motions like other cleansers but it does small back and forth motion which doesnt stretch out the skin . But I haven’t tried it myself yet so can’t really say.

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