The Classic Bengali Almond Eyes Tutorial

The Classic Bengali Almond Eyes Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!


I am in a totally lazy and tired mood now after attending continuous classes since morning.  So try as hard as I may, I could not come up with an innovative DIY for you all.  I crawled back to my comfort zone, i.e. eye makeup 😀 I am a Bengali, as all of you know by now, and since childhood I have seen that almost Bengali women have almond-shaped eyes which they love accentuating mostly with kajal. As I grew up, I got many compliments for my eyes and few of my non- Bengali friends used to say that they wish they were born a Bengali!! So, this post is for all the girls who do not have naturally almond-shaped eyes, but would love to flaunt them. At the end of this tutorial, I would also add a typical Bengali touch which reminds me of my childhood days when I used to stare awestruck at my mum when she added that touch.  Read on to find more about it 🙂

Products Used:

1. Elle 18 Kajal
2. Golden eye shadow.
3. Streetwear perfect definition eyeliner
4. Maybelline hypercurl mascara.
5. VOV eyebrow powder set.
6. Red bindi.

Step By Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

Use a pencil brush and fill in dark brown eye shadow in the sparse areas of your eyebrows. Don’t be afraid to deepen it more than you usually do as slightly thicker eyebrows would suit this look. Bengali girls generally have dark eyebrows.


Step 2:

Dab some golden eye shadow below your brow bone. This will give the further enhancement to your groomed eyebrows.

Step 3:

If you wish to, you can dab some beige or peach-colored eye shadow on the inner half of your upper eye lid. I generally skip this step when I am in a hurry.

Step 4:

Next, draw a thick “V” on the outer corner of the upper lid and use a Q tip or your finger to blend it inwards.


Step 5:

Now, take a brown eye shadow on a fluffy brush and use it on the crease to blend out the harsh line.

Step 6:

Take a liquid black eyeliner and draw a thick winged line on your upper lash line. You can extend the wing as much as you are comfortable in.


Step 7:

With a steady hand, draw a thin line a little below the lower lash line and make sure the line tapers towards the centre of the eye. I mean, the line should not extend towards the innermost corner of the eye, but should end right at the centre. This step will “lift” your eyes up and give the illusion of almond eyes.


Step 8:

Fill the gap with liquid black eyeliner itself.

Step 9:

Add kajal on the waterline, tightline your eyes, curl lashes and add loads of mascara.


This is how it should look.

Step 10:

The final “Bengali” step is to wear a red bindi! It adds the ultimate glow to the face.


Eyes are the focus of this look, so use your favorite MLBB shade for your lips.  This is me, and I am so glad that I am finally beginning to resemble my mother, yay! I hope you all like it! See you next time!

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98 thoughts on “The Classic Bengali Almond Eyes Tutorial

  1. Aparajita,

    I so look forward to your posts..what an amazing look..bong bombshell 😛

    When I was in Kolkata (at IISWBM for MBA) eavryone mistook me for a bong..they still do!!

  2. Howww pretty Appy 🙂 u loookin sooo lovely 🙂 me will definately try this one … so elegant and the bindi isss super cute tooo 🙂

  3. 😀 i have started experimenting with eye makeup 🙂 🙂 and u are the inspiration 🙂 moms can never ever skip there signature bindi.. i soo love them 😀 😀

  4. Bengali beauties r gifted with such ammmmazin eyes! Evn if i ditto ditto copy ur steps, wont get evn close to ur naturally beautiful eyes girly 🙂 super duper this looks on u! WOW

  5. you have a very beautiful eyes, I like to have such eyes, I definetly gone try this eye look soon, thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. hugs:hugs:hugs:..for this post ..I am bengali ..and i love this traditional makeup…presently in bangalore and miss the “Bangaliana” so much…Bengalis without a red bindi can’t be imagined..

  7. well done Aparajita!!
    I feel that black eyeliner is most magical makeup we have. we can change the appearance of ones eye so much by lining it differently. 🙂

    1. thanks sweta! yes dear, i agree totally! black eyeliner is a must in every make up lover’s kitty for its versatility <3

  8. That pic with just the eyes and the bindi is priceless! Bengali or not, you have beaoootiful eyes! Me a bong too but my eyes arent half as pretty as urs!

  9. very pretty look. you have such gorgeous eyes. i saw the first pic and thought now anything would look good on those eyes 🙂 Love the tip about extending the liner upwards. will try this and see how it works out..:)

  10. Lovely tutorial. I am thinking you should totally do a complete Bengali make-up tutorial, u know that one which will go very well with the laal-paar-shaada-shaari look. This is quite selfish request, though. Cuz I have a wedding coming up, and i SO wanna try that look. My mom has a laal-paar-pearl-white benaroshi and am planning to wear that,so.. *grin*.

    1. hahhaa.. i can totally understand it ruch 😉 bengali makeup tute won’t be anything more than this, coz eyes are the main focus. as for blushes and lipsticks, i would suggest that you go for nudes. but with a laal paar shada saree red lips look awesome too! 🙂

  11. Apy whr u been yaar,,,ur eyes reminds me of bipasa basu’s eyes but i think ur skin is far better than hers. i am definitely doing it..luved it and its so easy na, i love to wear bindi with saree but not tht big.. i am thinking of buying a traditional bengali saree and then i will try this makeup and big red bindi.. any suggestions for fabric so tht i can look slim…

    1. hi neha, i was stuck up in some work 🙁 thanks a lot dear! 🙂 u can go for raw silks or assam silk 🙂 they r not see through like chiffon but drape well with the figure 🙂

  12. Mesmerising….. eloquent…. I think you should framae this picture and hang it on your wall…. at least on your facebook wall…

  13. Aww… Truely beautiful in every sense.. 🙂 loved ur tute dear.. I always used to wonder hw my all bongs beautiful frnzz manage this beauty.. :p I’ ll definitely pin this tute for them.. too gud..

  14. Aww… Truely beautiful in every sense.. 🙂 loved ur tute dear.. I always used to wonder hw my all bongs beautiful frnzz manage this beauty.. :p I’ ll definitely pin this tute for them.. too gud….

  15. Mamma’s girl kahi ki.. hihihi :p love everything abt ur eye make up.. Gold is my fav color.. so is urs i knw 😀

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