Cle De Peau Beaute Sheer Veil Fluid Review

cle de peau beaute sheer fluid veil

Claims : A makeup base that gives skin moisturizing benefits and maximizes natural brightness and translucence to create a complexion veiled in radiance. Inspires a look of luminosity emanating from within.
Price : USD 78 for 30 ml

cle de peau beaute sheer fluid veil review

My Experience with Cle De Peau Sheer Fluid Veil
I love a good primer. I feel as much as you should invest in a good foundation, you should consider investing in a good primer as well. A primer keeps your foundation looking fresh for longer, prevents your foundation from oxidising, gives a smoother base to your skin..all in all a must have in your makeup kit.

I have normal to dry skin so I was quite interested in trying out this moisturising fluid veil from Cle De Peau. And it clearly did not disappoint.

Cle De Peau Sheer Fluid Veil comes packed in this lovely little blue bottle with golden cap. It is almost a weightless bottle and just easier to carry around. There is a little nozzle on the top that helps control the amount of product you want to use.

It is milky coloured might lotion that you use after your skincare and before applying foundation. It has a little pearly sheen to it. It is very lightweight and gets absorbed on the skin quickly leaving a smooth surface. I wouldn’t call it very moisturising but it is an extremely comfortable wear. I have used it during winters and at no point have I felt dryness because of this. It goes transparent on the skin so it does not budge with the color of your foundation. It does not leave any whitish cast behind. Also, it does not feel heavy or oily on the skin. It would just be fine for all skin types. It just creates a light layer on the skin that makes the foundation go smoother. I notice that this keeps my foundation looking fresher for longer. And also adds a bit of glow and freshness to the skin. Sometimes I just wear it on its own and use a little compact on the top. It kind of creates that little veil on the skin surface that makes your skin look smoother. I wouldn’t call it the ultimate pore refiner but it does make your pores look smaller. It also has SPF24 PA +++ so it is excellent for everyday wear if you don’t want to wear heavy sunscreens or foundation. Just use this and finish off with a tinted moisturiser or a powder compact and it makes a lot of difference to the skin. What I like about this the most is that it is a little a little veil between your skin and your foundation and it makes a lot of difference to how your foundation looks and stays throughout the day.

It has a light floral fragrance. I like it. It is not overpowering and settles down in a bit.
I totally enjoy using it. I wouldn’t call it a must have though. I feel their foundation and concealer are the real deals.

That said, if you buy it you would not be disappointed with it one bit. 🙂
Rating : 4/5
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  1. For dry skin another beauty must have is Marc Jacobs Coconut primer. It doesn’t do anything for the longevity though. Just for a smooth hydrated canvas. 😀

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