Clean and Clear Night Relaxing All-in-One Cleansing Wipes Review

Skin type: Oily-sensitive, acne prone

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How are you doing today? It’s getting hotter here day by day, and I am stocking up my must-have items for summers, keeping my problematic oily skin in mind. Clean & Clear sounds like a home brand to me as I remember using their face lotions and face washes during my teen years; oh yes, I have a long history with acne lotions and medications. Back then, the only brand my weird skin would trust was Clean & Clear; nothing has changed even now as I still trust this brand, especially in times of need. This time, I took a chance with their cleansing wipes which seemed to be promising for every skin type, plus these are paraben free. So let’s read more about Clean and Clear Night Relaxing All In One Cleansing Wipes!
Clean and Clear Night Relaxing All-in-One Cleansing Wipes Review

Product Description:
With deep sea minerals and sea kelp extract, each ultra soft wipe effectively sweeps away daily build up—like dirt oil and stubborn makeup. So effective, it removes 99.3% of makeup, even waterproof mascara. With a relaxing fragrance, each wipe helps wind you down and calm the senses. Gentle enough to use every day. Oil-free, won’t clog pores& ophthalmologist tested.

$5-$7 for 25 pre-moistened wipes


My Experience with Clean and Clear Night Relaxing All-in-One Cleansing Wipes:

These pre-moistened wipes come in a usual plastic wrapping bag with a sticky closure. These wipes do have a strong but pleasant fragrance, which seems fine to me. But it may be way too much for sensitive noses as it lingers on for a decent number of hours on our skin. Overall, I don’t have any major issues with its packaging other than the fact that such adhesive closures are not very helpful in the long run, and I might have to finish them off quickly before the sticky wrap gives up.


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Talking about the cleansing wipes, I am pretty happy with these mild-on-skin wipes considering I have a sensitive and acne prone skin. The dimensions of these wipes are good enough for one-time usage though conditions apply. I mean the wipes are well saturated and feel damp unlike wet wipes to remove makeup faster. I need to rub these gently to and forth for removing face makeup completely but the wipes seem to dry up during this whole process leaving my skin partially cleaned.


Moreover, I find these wipes decent enough for removing eye makeup without hurting or stinging my eyes. But, again, I would rather rely on simple olive oil technique which works faster and easier than these wipes. Overall, I am fine with these wipes as the wipes never broke me out; they never irritated my skin and/or aggravated oily skin; plus these wipes are mess-free for tired and sleepy night time routine. I am also convinced to continue with these wipes because they feel soft and non-scratchy on my skin.


Even though they work slowly, I am glad that I am not noticing any ill effects of these wipes on my skin so far; no redness, no bumpy skin and no sticky/irritating residue on skin post usage. Oh yes, unlike those wet wipes, these damp wipes just give a damp feel on my skin post usage. Now, keeping the makeup removal part aside, I would bet on these for helping me get rid of sweat, oil & dirt during summertime. These wipes feel way refreshing and mild on my skin.

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So, to sum it all for you, I would definitely like to keep them in my kit for summer skin care regimen considering their slow pace but pretty fruitful results on my skin. But I won’t really consider these for makeup removal.


Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Clean and Clear Night Relaxing All-in-One Cleansing Wipes:

• Gentle, refreshing wipes
• Non-abrasive on my sensitive skin
• Gently remove dirt, oil, and makeup
• Wipes are well saturated
• Do not leave any sticky, oily residue
• Don’t irritate my skin
• Gentle enough for makeup removal
• Perfect for my skin type
• Makes skin soft and clean
• Paraben free

Cons of Clean and Clear Night Relaxing All-in-One Cleansing Wipes:

• More than one wipe is required to remove makeup
• Wipes turn dry after some time
• Effective but slow
• Closure might lose its adhesive
• Strong fragrance might be a turn off for some

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