Clean & Clear Limited Edition Grapefruit Oil Control Film Review

Clean & Clear Limited Edition Grapefruit Oil Control Film

My overall face is not very oily; however, I have an oily T-Zone and especially an oily nose. Honestly I did not know much about oil control film until I saw all the beauty gurus on youtube use it, I felt even I should carry a pack as my T zone gets oily and greasy when I am out. I don’t think there are many brands in Mumbai which have oil absorbing sheets, I know only four – Basicare, NYX, Clean & Clear and Body shop. I came across this limited edition pink grapefruit oil control film by Clean & Clear and I had to buy it :p


Product Description: The packet says, oil control film instantly soaks up excess oil and removes shine from your face, without smudging make-up or leaving behind powder. Softer than paper, these silky sheets can be used easily around the nose and other areas of your face. With an invigorating citrus fragrance to leave you feeling refreshed.

I agree with their claims, I do feel this product works great for me 😀

Directions: There are no directions specified behind the pack but all you have to do is take one oil control film and pat it on your face wherever you feel greasy and want the shine to go away. It’s very easy and the paper is soft on the skin.

Ingredients: Polypropylene, mineral oil, CI 77491, 3, 4- dimethyldibenzylidene sorbitol, fragrance .

Other: use before 36 month of MFD

Packaging: I kind of like the packaging, I don’t have to pull out the sheet, it sticks to the flap of the packet and comes out on its own, this avoids those cases where you end up pulling out more than one sheet as they are very thin and wasting it. It comes in a plastic packet with instruction and ingredients behind. There is a flap which opens on the packet, from where you can pull out your oil control film. There is a sticky part on that flap with a cover, which you have to remove for the blotting sheets to stick. Its pink, small and cute according to me.


Texture, colour and fragrance: The oil control films are very thin and smooth, they do not leave behind powder on your face nor do they tear off easily. The colour is light pink 😀 and I love the grape fruit fragrance it has !! it’s a limited edition pack with refreshing grape fruit fragrance 😀

My take on Clean & Clear Limited Edition Grapefruit Oil Control Film:

I have oily T zone just like many of you and when I’m out, my face does kind of get shiny, specially my nose ! I used to use wet wipes before but when I went to places where I had to apply makeup, example clubbing, where people dance and sweat, the wet wipes would take my make up off  even if it was water proof, I don’t think wet wipes work better than oil blotting paper. I use to see these amazing beauty gurus on yoututbe who would swear by blotting films for removing shine and I decided to buy it some day! I thought I would go for NYX but I came across clean & clear in the health and glow outlet, I wanted to buy it but I thought maybe I should wait and see other options and did not go for it knowing it was the last piece left there in stock, later that day I regretted not buying the C&C oil control film, specially because it was limited edition.

The next day I happened to go to health and glow again and luckily no one had bought that pack :O so I just went ahead and got it 😀 . As soon as I opened the pack, I smelled amazing grape fruit scent !! It was strong and I did not expect it to be so good 😀 ! I peeled off the cover from the sticky part and closed the pack . I first used on the day I was out clubbing because my face had gotten oily due to all the dancing :p, the film had stuck to the sticky part and was ready to use as soon as I opened it and the grape fruit scent was prominent, it actually reminded me of one of my Avon lip balms because of the fragrance 😀 even that was grape fruit flavoured and refershing . I really like this product, it manages to suck the oil out of my face, smells great and manages to remove the shine as well. Easy to carry and use.


Pros of Clean & Clear Limited Edition Grapefruit Oil Control Film:

Refreshing smell
Sucks the oil out of my face
Easy to use and carry
Does not leave powder behind
Does not tear off easily
Does not smudge makeup

Cons of Clean & Clear Limited Edition Grapefruit Oil Control Film:

One the sheet stick to the sticky part on the flap and u decide not to use it, it difficult to put it back it :p but that’s okay, happens rarely :p no other cons 😀 !

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: INR 100 for 50 sheets

Would I repurchase ?


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