Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash: Energising Lemon

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash: Energising Lemon

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Energising Lemon

Late again, but I had to complete the circle of these three new releases, two of them already reviewed on IMBB, the Brightening Berry and Purifying Apple.  No guesses, I picked up all the three 😛 and have been using these lately. I initially thought these are the same as the “Morning Burst” ones which are so raved about, especially the orange one you know, but this is energy and not burst 😛

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Energising Lemon

The first thing I noticed was that these are just flavoured with a few colored beads here and there and these might be the same as the Clean and Clear Face Wash we have been using since school, but I was wrong. These do seem different as in the older one has some kind of alcoholic feel to it that I have always felt might be to kill may be the acne-causing bacteria. These face washes provide gentle care for all skin types, not just the oily skin.

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Energising Lemon

The three versions are Apple, Berry, and Lemon.  My take on the Berry is that they are all the same, but the Berry one smells oh my God so bad and artificial, like some tonic I used to have as a kid. This just proves this won’t be as good as the international versions.  The Apple version is much better and the Lemon variant has a gentle yet bitter lemon fragrance to it.

The sizes available  are 50 ml and 100 ml for Rs. 50 and Rs. 95 respectively. These have some countable scrub beads in it which the regular Clean and Clear version did not have.  The beads are nice, small, round, but not abrasive.  I noticed that there are two kinds of beads, for example in the Lemon variant, there are a few yellow beads and a few other in white.  While the yellow ones are soft and they squish when you apply it on, but the white ones poke and don’t give away so easily.  They hardly do any scrubbing action (not that the pack says it would), but I still like them for fun.

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Energising Lemon

The face wash itself I find to be very mild and gentle, one that all skin types will like. There is no dryness post wash (at least with the Chennai water).  The skin is soft and glowy and would clean mild dirt and oil and not the whole day’s dirt, grime and makeup.

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Energising Lemon

I really liked the dewy effect it gave me, no dryness, but soft dewy effect and glowing skin which really surprised me.  I did find it freshening too, no sensitivity whatsoever.  Remember, it does not leave your skin squeaky clean, but rather soft and dewy, so if you prefer the squeaky clean ones, which wash off with a few splashes of water, then this is not for you. This has to be rinsed off well.

Last Word on Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash:  Energising Lemon

I would say overall that this is a regular gentle face wash with some fresh fragrances and some cute beads, but it does leave the skin fresh and glowing (to my surprise) and my skin doesn’t look as tired as it does whole day long, after I use this. I am quite happy with this since I had thought it would be just another face wash, but it’s a nice gentle one with a fresh mild lemon fragrance which will be good for the monsoons.  Also, this 50 ml pack fits snugly into the purse too, try one flavour for sure!

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34 thoughts on “Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash: Energising Lemon

    1. Exactly me too :), i have the bigger bottle, half the bottle is still pending 🙁
      then i have to try this 🙂

  1. Neha good review, among the three variant which one is the best 🙂 from the review i guess you wont choose Berry 😛

    1. shami all feel same but smell diff
      berry smells like tonic u know 🙁
      and if u r into citrus then this one or fruity then apple
      but berry u smell first and then get 🙂

  2. Neha..i was jus waiting for this to be reviewed…i found them the otherday in “nilgiris”,cute llooking yellow,red bottles 🙂 :)wanted to try them..but was waiting for a review on IMBB and u made it..thanks sweetiee…

  3. I m yet to finish the regular then shall get the lemon one i dnt find the regular one drying maybe coz of the extreme humid weather here in kolkata

  4. My HG facewash is Clean and clear Acne clearing cleanser. I saw the reveiw of berry one, and next day I went to easyday to buy something and saw this. since the other one suits me very well and ts older version too.. I bought this lemon version… Now me, My mum and my sis all are using this..and loving it. For the problem of squeaky clean feel, I always get that feel may be ‘coz I know the quantity required in clean and clear in my case. Try a little less face wash then you are currently using and see if you get squeaky clean feel.:)

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