How to Clean Your Flat Iron/Hair Straightener

How to Clean Your Flat Iron/Hair Straightener

Once upon a time, I had three flat irons, Remington, Philips and Morphy Richards, I gave one to my sis but both of us then got our hair straightened, running after toddlers is not an easy task.It is recommended that we use a heat defense spray before ironing and we do use a whole bunch of mouse and similar gunk, and the dirt in the hair and oil and sweat all deposit in our flat iron over time, it is very important to keep them clean regularly or else it could really snag and roughen the hair. Follow these simple steps to clean away the build up and maintain a clean iron.

how to clean your flat iron

Since our flat irons don’t come in cheap, when the initial excitement dies off, we stop cleaning the iron and clean it only when it is high time, it is essential to clean the flat iron to maintain healthy hair. The gunk that has accumulated over time needs something tougher to break it down,nail-polish remover, ammonia, spray-on oven cleaner and rubbing alcohol can do the job. Use any mentioned above on a cotton ball and use this to wipe away product buildup. Dont make it soaking wet, little at a time will solve the purpose, when you are done go over with dry tissue twice over the ceramic plates, you dont want the solvents to get into your hair next time you straighten.

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You can use a cotton swab,be very careful to not let any droplets get into some crevice of your electrical equipment. You can let the  cotton or wash cloth with the solvent sit on the gunk for a while and then wipe it off. You definitely dont want to use an iron with still some wet residue on, this will fry your hair.


Another solvent for really stubborn gunk is a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.Apply it directly onto the iron and let it sit for a while and your iron will be as good as new.Use a soft cloth to wipe, never an abrasive one.Follow these steps:

  • Turn the iron off and unplug it,let is cool down but not entirely.
  • While it is still warm, moisten a cloth with water. It need not be soaking wet.
  • Run the cloth in one smooth movement over and over the deposit until it dissolves, be careful while handling the iron as the heat if too much could come through the cloth onto the skin.
  • Use a clean water soaked cloth once as a final step.
  • After I am done cleaning, my favorite is face tissue to clean the plates dry.
  • If you could not get into the corners, use a q tip soaked in the solvent like rubbing alcohol or polish remover like mentioned above, careful get into the corners and crevices to clean them.

For regular maintenance, wipe the iron down with a cloth moistened with water after each use. Then you need not be worried of really stubborn deposits over time.Once your iron is clean, it will slide through your hair, the ironing will be smoother and the burning smell of the deposits will be reduced, if you still smell something after the first usage of cleaning,this should be fine in a while.

flat iron cleaning

If you have thick curly hair the ironing is tedious for you, then you need to be more regular with the cleaning like around thrice a week, if you have thinner hair or you style only your bangs daily, then probably you need to clean it well at least once a week. After every use, judge whether there is any snagging while you glide the iron or if there is some visible deposit on the iron, that should be able to remind you that you expensive equipment (GHD or CHI!!!!)needs regular care.

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