How to Clean Gold and Silver Jewelry at Home

beautiful girl in gold jewelery
beautiful girl in gold jewelery

How to Clean Gold and Silver Jewelery

Gone are the days that gold and silver jewelry was out of fashion. Modern designs make gold and silver jewelry a part of regular accessories. But just as the dust, pollution and grime affect skin and hair, so do they affect gold and silver ornaments. Regular usage results in loss of luster and shine, and silver jewelry turns black due to oxidation. There have to be ways to restore and revive these easily. In the market there are chemical enhanced formula treatments in the form of liquids and gels, which are used as cleaning products. But there is a risk of long term damage. Also the cost and reliability of such products is questionable.

Household ammonia, laundry detergent (non bleach), dish wash liquid and toothpaste provide home made solutions to clean your jewelry. However it is important to know which treatment is to be used for which kind of jewelry.

Gold or white gold ornaments

silver bangle
silver bangle

• Household ammonia is easily found at any supplier stores.
• Mix one part of water and one part of ammonia powder in a non metallic bowl.
• Soak your gold / white gold ornaments in this liquid for half an hour.
• To clean the grime in between the fine etchings on jewelry, you may use a toothbrush.
• Allow it to dry and buff it with a soft cloth.

Silver ornaments/ articles

• Take warm water in a bowl and mix laundry detergent (non bleach) in it.
• Soak silver jewelry or articles in this liquid for about a minute.
• Rinse it thoroughly, allow drying and buff with soft cloth

Baking Soda

• A mixture paste of baking soda and distilled water is used to remove black oxides on silver.
• A soft cotton cloth, flannel or toothbrush may be used to clean this.
• It is important to start cleaning these early on for best results.


• Toothpaste on a soft brush or cotton cloth is a recommended therapy for ornaments ridden with sticky grime.
• Do not use toothpaste with anti-tartar or whitening properties.
• Rinse with distilled water and dry, Buff with soft cotton cloth for shine.

These are less harmful and more easily available methods that can be used to clean gold and silver articles. All the things you will need to clean can be found in your homes.


8 thoughts on “How to Clean Gold and Silver Jewelry at Home

  1. I use toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to clean silver…works well..but then I don’t have any glossy pieces which might get scratched on the surface, so its okay 🙂 Gold – don’t like at alllllllllllllllllllllll…and if I do have to clean any I just dump in some warm water mixed with detergent and scrub with a toothbrush…easy clean 😀 I just make sure I always use filtered water cos water at our place is horrible hard water :-((

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