Cleanser and Toner for Summers and Winters: Ask IMBB

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Caroline asks:

Hi Everyone ,

I am Caroline . I am a south Indian. I have combination skin on little oily side . I use Shahnaz tulsi neem face wash (as I had pimples) , Sharose toner and Neutrogena moisturizer for combination skin. Now my skin is clear . I wish to change this skin care routine now . Suggest some good cleanser , toner for summer and winter ,BB cream that will not break me out . I’m really confused about choosing the perfect shade .. please help me with your suggestions ..

Thanks in advance 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Cleanser and Toner for Summers and Winters: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Caroline,
    Here are my advices for CTM:-
    – neutrogena oil free acne wash or clean n clear face wash
    – rose water (best toner in my thinking!) Or fab india tea tree toner
    -moisturizer always its neutrogena for me! 😀 you can try cetaphil or clean n clear skin balancing moisturizer
    Tip- make sure you buy skin care products with the labels “oil free” and “non comedogenic”. Better still if they mention “hypoallergenic”. Then you can safely buy them.

    ¤ BBcream best would be lakme cc cream or ponds. I’m unsure of garnier as it breaks out on certain people.
    You can go for maybelline or loreal bb cream too.

    Winter ctm :-
    ♥ switch to mild face washes like biotique or neutrogena gentle cleanser.
    ♥ rose water still best toner!
    ♥ cetaphil moisturizer or lotus alphamoist.

  2. Hi Caroline, u can use Cetaphil cleanser for sensitive skin and rose water as toner, the best, safest and natural toner…(as rightly suggested by Shipa)..

  3. Ohh thank u so much for putting this up even i had the same queries plus I am looking for a good mosturizer and night cream for my combination skin.pls suggest
    Need your help gals:)
    Also what cream should i do for my tanned hands..??

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