How To Get Clear and Glowing Skin

How To Get Clear and Glowing Skin

Hello Pretty Ones,

This time, I am back with not a review, but an article, which I am sure will help you girls skip that concealer the next time you step out.  I am 22 and blessed with good skin. I got many compliments on my skin in the comments you all gave in my review of Ayur Orange Face Pack.  So, I thought let me share my secret with you all that lets me step out confidently without any concealer or foundation at any time of the day.

How To Get Clear and Glowing Skin

Along with regular moisturizing and application of face pack routine, there is one thing which I do more often than not and that is the secret to my problem-free skin I think. So, time to spill the beans, I was a fruit baby right from childhood.  I love fruits no matter what flavour they come in. I just go “chomp chomp chomp!” and whenever I eat any fruit (for example:  grapes), I squeeze the pulp of a small piece of the same fruit and apply all over my face. After that, I continue with eating the rest of the fruit.  Then, when I go to wash my hands, I wash my face too. See? Easy peasy! Now, I find that much more easier than those lengthy fruit facials and face masks which we often skip due to our laziness or lack of time. This “quick fruit shots” ensure that our face remains glowing even if we miss our regular facials for some reason.

Fruit Platter

There are a lot of fruits to be chosen from, but today, I will be talking about the ones I regularly use when they are in season.

  • Papaya:  Papaya

    Ripe papayas are my absolute favourite! They are loaded with enzymes and give a squeaky clean feel to the skin. It moisturizes the skin well too.  Papaya is high in vitamin C, making it good for skin brightening and removal of blemishes. I am too lazy to use it in any face pack, so I just rub a tiny piece of it all over my face and enjoy the rest of the fruit. After the wash, I say hello to glowing skin! 😀

  • Grapes:Grapes

    This tiny creature is another favourite!  I love the feeling of squeezing a grape and splattering it over my face :P. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of fresh whole grapes protect the skin from damage and inflammatory problems. The AHA’s present in them has anti-ageing properties and helps retain the youthful glow. They help in reducing surface scars as well and grapes help in completely wiping out sun tan. Need I say more??

  • Mangoes:Sliced Mango

    What do I have to say about them? I can go on and on and on! 😀 They taste heavenly and make your skin look like an angel’s too! Mango is rich in all vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C)! Even if you just rub the inside of the mango peel on your skin, you can say goodbye to all skin worries. The high amount of vitamin C in mangoes helps in curing acne.

  • Oranges:Sliced Oranges

    I spent all my winters during my childhood applying an ubtan of orange peel, haldi and mustard oil before bath. This ubtan makes the skin glow like anything. But now, considering how lazy I am, I just squirt the juice of one piece of an orange over my face and keep it until I finish up the whole fruit. This quick blast of vitamin C in winters ensures that my face remains fresh and blemish-free during entire year, but one con about this is that it might not suit people with sensitive skin.

  • Bananas:Big Banana

    Rich in potassium, vitamins, and minerals, this baby is a sure winner for dry skin beauties. Just cut off a tiny piece of a banana and massage it on your face. Eat up rest of the banana and then wash off your quickie mask. Say hi to soft and smooth skin.  The vitamin C and other antioxidants present in bananas and their peels help increase circulation in the skin and boost collagen production. Even using the peel of the banana gives an extra bit of exfoliation to reveal smoother and fresher-looking skin. Bananas are really effective treatment for blemishes. They have no known side effects making them ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

These are just a few of the fruits which I use, but I hope you have noticed the important fact that you need to eat the rest of the fruit too. It’s a two-way process, inner nourishment and outer polishing. Follow these and trust me, you will never have to hunt for that perfect shade of concealer anymore 😀

One serious con of this is you need to check out for yourself if your skin is adapting to fruits. Do a patch test before you decide to use it on your face. Try on different fruits till you find the one that suits you best! 😀 I hope the article helped you.

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Do comment! See you next time, till then keep smiling, keep glowing 🙂

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41 thoughts on “How To Get Clear and Glowing Skin

  1. Loved it Aparajita.. we all know importance of fruits but actually seeing someone do it re-inforces the belief. I used to do these short shots and guess that was the reason I had a blemish free skin.. left it later.. but will restart right away 😀

  2. thanks for sharing your secret aparajeeta…
    I too love fruits, if some one wash , cut them and give in my hand 🙂

    about applying mango on my face… I love mango so much I will never share it with anyone not even my skin… heheheh 😀

    1. thanks parita di 🙂 hehhee, i do it with ALL fruits maybe except coconut! LOL 😉 pomegranates ya, but u will need 6 or 7 seeds to cover entire face

  3. Wow, these are such easy peasy little things to do! Loved the article Aparajita, and I hog raw papayas everyday, but never thought of putting them on my face…will start doing right away!

    1. do them dear, and u will LOVE the difference it makes to your skin, and i should add here, it is the best anti ageing thing one can come across 🙂

  4. Good article and its Really an eye opener.. we spend bucks on high end cosmetics, but the easy and harmless solution lies in our home, which we alwys take it for granted… 😛 rushing to apply papaya now… 😛 😛 hehe

    1. haha! really Reema the solution lies in our home. we rush to get papaya infused depigmentation creme totally ignoring the papaya in our fridge! 😛

  5. Thanks for this Aparajita….came at the right time as the perfect reminder…use to do the short shots while eating but forgot since a while. Will try and start again….do you use apple too on face ? * curiosity-kicks-in* 😛 😛

  6. I like this short cut method, apply it, eat rest then wash your hands and face.. wonderful article aparajita, i liked your name as well 🙂

  7. i looove fruits and veggies eat them lottt daily ok atleast many times in a week …. will try applying them too for change..lazy bones and gets messy around 🙂

    have tried papaya its really good 🙂

  8. I cant thank u enuf Aparajita! I always read about fruit face packs but forget what I had to add 🙁 and end up not applying the fruit at all! This is a solution for clumsy gals like me!

  9. I think I feel the same laziness, I will try your methods too, Indeed orange is not suitable for sensitive skin I got some drops on my hear trying to make juice I reallly did feel it that auuuuwww moment

    1. hey nidhi! do try them out, but before trying orange one on your face, do check out elsewhere( for example arms) to see if it’s suiting u or not 🙂

  10. I think i missed reading this article aparajita. it’s such a lovely post. Now I am using fruits both inside and outside. hihihih and i am hungry now 😐

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