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I wanted to know names of some brands offering clear lip glosses with price.I saw one in Lakme sheer satin range that is 61 but thats quite costly.Maybelline also has one but that remains out of stock always,so can anyone suggest me brands offering transparent glosses under Rs300.


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    1. bee same. have been sleeping and sleeping only. err… you drink lots of water. 🙁 fever and wisdom tooth saath saath having. vaat lagi padi hai. :headbang:

      1. Get well soon,both of yu! :-*
        ..I hope I get well soon too…school bnk marna pad raha hai…I have a migraine. 😥

      2. Get well soon Rati… wisdom tooth is a super irritating thing.. mine too is attempting to come out for past 1 year.. having my right side of the face swelled coz of it.. ugh and fever along.. curse the wisdom tooth.. no wisdom all pain!!

        1. yeah same.. left side of my face is swelled up totally. :(( going to dentist in a while. 🙁

          I know no wisdom all pain. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

          Pragya you were looking for a reason to bunk na. :pigtail: get well soon. :puchhi: :giggle:

          1. Whhat?! No,no. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
            In fact,I hate bunking,bcoz I end up getting more homework on the days that I miss school. :scream:
            Waise bhi, school mein aaj kal project vojects chal rahe hai,you know? :smug: :smug:
            Thankoo Rati! 😀

  1. i have at least ten clear gloss remaining from those long lasting lip creams where one side is clear n other side clear
    i just never use the clear :headbang:

    1. Neha.. u are all matte and creamy girl!!! try glosses for a change.. u’ll love it!! :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

  2. i never use clear glosses… sorry but I can recommend Nivea care gloss & shine- comes in a nude shade…..really cheap & best!

  3. Hm…I guess you could go for the safest bet and buy the Lakme one…I really haven’t used any others. 😐 😐
    I’m waiting for a brain wave that will make me reach for the best buy soon…. :whistle:

  4. there used to b one frm streetwear,i hv forgotten d name.. n maybelline diamond sparkle..but thts disconyinued i guess..olso thr was power shine frm lakme..pls teme if m wrong..i usedto use cant find now..

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