Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner Review

Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner

Hello IMBB Ladies!

Let me share with you my experience with a conditioner brand in the mainstream but in a variant relatively new here at our place. It’s the Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner.

On Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner Label:
Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner

Scalp and Hair Therapy Daily Conditioning.Program for healthy scalp and moisturized hair.
For all types of hair.

Scalp and Hair Facts:

Scalp protection is the key for anti-dandruff. That’s why we developed the Herbal Fusion formula, which helps strengthen the scalp’s natural defense and helps prevent dandruff from coming back.

Herbal Fusion:

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Powerful Fusion of Clear’s anti-dandruff technology with Asian herbs, Ginseng and Tea Tree extracts. For long-lasting anti-dandruff protection.

Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner2

Scalp and Hair Nutrition Facts:

Vitamin E, C and B6, Panthenol, Glycerine, Lipids, Zinc and Sodium Minerals, Amino Acid, Scalp care active.

My Experience with Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner:

This Clear Women Herbal Fusion Conditioner was given to me by my sister in return for the Finesse Clean +Simple Conditioner I gave her. Finesse was still unavailable when she went to the store so she decided to take this one instead. She told me, she finds this rather new and interesting with its herbal fusion, ginseng and tea tree oil components. I have the same feeling towards this product plus the fact that other Clear variants work well on my hair, I am quite interested in trying.

Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner 3

The Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner comes in a 180ml flip open squeeze tube. The packaging I like best in a conditioner as this kind makes it easier to dispense product out most especially for those having thick consistency, well, like this conditioner. The conditioner itself is white and very creamy but is easy to spread onto hair. It has this herbal woody fragrance that in my opinion may not please all. Like for example, my mom, she once sniffed and she didn’t like it. But for me, it’s fresh smelling and finds it just okay but I think I’ll prefer over 10 other conditioner scents before this. Hihihi. Well, the scent is not too strong and it lasts the whole day on my hair.

By the way, Ginseng is known to stimulate hair growth and to lessen hair fall. Ginseng has proven its ability to lessen stress when taken internally but shampoos and conditioners containing ginseng usually indicate their products for stressed hair for its claimed calming property.Tea Tree Oil on the other hand has its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is known to be used to clarify the hair and treat oily scalp.

This conditioner was able to give me soft and smooth hair on first few washes only. I’d like to note that I am using Clear Women Nourishing Shampoo which I find drying to my hair. This conditioner does not offer much softening or conditioning as my hair dries out with the shampoo. After a week of using both Clear’s Herbal Fusion Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair feels a bit stiff and unmanageable too. Also, I needed a palm full of this conditioner to make my hair soft. I find it easy to rinse but at the middle of the day, I find my hair feeling as if there’s still conditioner left behind. I felt the same thing on the day I rinsed my hair longer. Though I have these feeling on my hair, I’ve observed that my scalp remains clean and free from dandruff.

Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner4

Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner – What I Like:

-Fresh, clean scent lasting the whole day on hair.
-Does not leave residue on scalp and leaves it dandruff free.
-Less hair fall! 😀

Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner – What I Don’t Like:

-Feeling of conditioner left behind on hair strands.
-Was not able to keep hair dryness at bay.
-Was not able to keep m y hair manageable.
-Has parabens.


Clear Women Herbal Fusion Nourishing Conditioner and shamoo

Final Thoughts:

Though I find other Clear conditioner variants and even other brands better at giving mesoft and manageable hair, I find this Herbal Fusion one true to its claim on dandruff protection and less hair fall.

Thanks Lovelies for reading. 😀

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