Cleopatra Inspired Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial

Cleopatra Inspired Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello ladies!

If you do an image search of Cleopatra makeup looks, you will find the screen flooded with double lined eyes, intense Arabic style eye makeup, most of them featuring blue/green. I love her makeup looks, there is something just so regal about it, literally. If I imagine a dramatic Arabian queen’s makeup, it is exactly what I would picture.



I have always been fascinated with Arabic makeup, given my love for dramatic makeup, that is a given! So for an Arabic makeup look it just makes sense to do a Cleopatra inspired one. Pink or purple are like my “when in doubt, use __” colours, so to balance out the blue I used a purple here for this look.

Products Used:

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Celia 120 Pro Eyeshadow Rainbow Palette (shimmery Aqua Blue, shimmery Purple, matte Black )
ULTA Eyeshadows in Wild Heart, Milk Chocolate (for blending out the crease) Naked (as brow bone highlight, the colors have been marked with blue dots in the image)
• ELF Studio Cream Eye Liner in Purple (as eyeshadow base on upper eyelid & liner on lower lash line)
ELF Studio Cream Eye Liner in Black (as base for the black on the upper eye lid, to cut crease & also as liner on lower & upper lash lines)
Lakme Insta Liner (to go over the gel liner, as it helps set the gel & give a black-er effect)
• ELF Black Kajal Pencil
Maybelline Great BIG Lash Washable Mascara


Brushes Used:

ELF Professional Blending Brush (for the brow bone highlight color)
• Camlin Stationery Brush it is the 2nd or 3rd thinnest brush in the paint brushes collection, it works great as a liner brush! (for the Black gel liner eye liner, cutting crease & also Purple liner on the bottom)
MAC 226 (for blending colors in the crease)
• MAC 242 (for placing the Blue & Purple eyeshadows on the upper lid)
• MAC 266 (for filling in the brows with matte Brown & Black eyeshadows)

This set I got from the MAC Archie’s Girl Collection, it has 2 other face brushes as well. This has to be one of my all time most favourite makeup purchases! I’ve been a die-hard Archie’s fan always & my love for makeup is pretty obvious! The combination of the 2 just made it irresistible!


Step 01: To counteract the darkness on my eyelids I first applied some foundation & patted my face powder over it.

Step 02: Taking a cello tape, I placed it an angle from below my lower lash liner to wear the eyebrow ends. The angle you give it depends on the wing you want to achieve with the look.

Step 03: Next I took some black gel liner & created a rough wing with it. The tape will ensure the edge comes out very neat later. For the actual placement of color, one need not be very neat about this at all. It is just to create darkness close to the lash roots & to mark out the shape the eyemakeup will have.

Step 04: Using the same black gel, I cut my crease with it, following the shape along my eye socket, keeping it on the crease & not going above it at all. Again neatness here does not matter, it will be covered up later.

Step 05: Taking the purple gel liner, I then placed it over space between the 2 black lines drawn.

Step 06: On the inner corner, over the purple, I placed some aqua blue color. Placing purple below this as well, will help in achieving a blended look later when purple eyeshadow will be placed beside it.

Step 07: Taking a very shimmery purple I placed it over any remaining purple base.

Step 08: Using a mixture of matte brown & purple eyeshadow I blended it along the crease area. Using a brown instead of black will be easier to blend & using a purple will help to tie up the crease with the color already placed on the lid.

Step 09: Then taking some matte black eyeshadow, I again went over the cut in the crease to intensify the color.


Step 10: Next, I placed a light, shimmery almost nude color as the brow bone highlight & blended it with the color placed in the crease.

Step 11: Then came the upper liner, using a black gel liner, I drew it on, using the tape placed previously as a guide.

Step 12: Creating a shape point in the inner corner, I then drew on with the same gel liner on my lower lash line.

Step 13: For the lower waterline, I used black kajal & also tight lined with it. I removed the tape placed earlier.

Step 14: Taking a thin brush with gel liner on it, I made a flick starting from the lower lash line & going upwards, so as to create a double wing.

Step 15: In the “triangle” created between the 2 wings, I placed blue eyeshadow.


Step 16: Next, I cleaned up around my eye with some concealer. Here you can also adjust the thickness of the 2nd flick created. Concealer or a wet Q-tip will act as great makeup “erasers”. Also the tape removes some of the foundation & that will have to be touched up.

Step 17: I then placed using a thin brush, the purple gel liner on my lower lash line, extending it along with the 2nd flick.

Step 18: I then filled in & neatened my brows, curled my lashes & applied mascara.

And this is the finished look. I am ready to project some Egyptian Queen-ship-ness, now all I need is an Italian King. *hihi* 😛


I hope you all liked it & until next time, happy Makeuping! *makeup*

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