5 Clever Uses of Lipsticks You Never Knew About

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Lipsticks are a necessity in every makeup lover’s vanity. But, only a few of us know that there are other ways also to use lipsticks. If you think that a lipstick can only be used to give color to your lips, then you are wrong. Want to know why? Keep reading! 🙂

1. As An Orange Concealer
5 Clever Uses of Lipsticks You Never Knew About4

If you have dark circles or pigmentation on your face, and need an orange concealer, you don’t need to invest in a separate orange concealer. Simply go to your vanity, take out an orange lipstick and dab some of it on the affected area. Make sure not to apply too much, otherwise it would look too orangey; it should be sheer. Then let it dry for some seconds and complete the look using a normal concealer and foundation.

2. As A Creamy Eyeshadow

Apply a bronzey and antiquey eye shadow 19/6/13

Need a cream shadow? Don’t head towards that beauty store yet. Apply a lipstick of the color you desire on the lids as a cream eye shadow. Take some lipstick on the eye shadow brush, and dab it on the eyelids. Blend. Enjoy your shadow! 🙂

3. To Contour The Face

5 Clever Uses of Lipsticks You Never Knew About5

Have a brown lipstick in your vanity? You can use it as your cream contour as well. Make a fish face and apply the lipstick directly into the hollows of your cheeks. Blend it well using a brush or a sponge. Make sure not to use matte lipsticks in this case.

4. As A Creamy and Super Blendable Blush

5 Clever Uses of Lipsticks You Never Knew About3

This is my favorite trick. I mostly use my powder blushes to make my lipstick matte. And, I use my hot pink lipstick as my blush if I want nice, pinky cheeks with muted eyes and lips. Simply apply some lipstick on your cheeks and then blend it away with your fingers or a sponge.

5. As An Eyebrow Filler

5 Clever Uses of Lipsticks You Never Knew About

Don’t have an eye brow powder or an eyebrow kit? Simply take a brown lipstick that goes perfectly with the shade of your brows on an angled brush, and fill in your brows to make it fuller.

These were some alternate uses of lipsticks that we all can easily use in our everyday, as well as party makeup. Try these, I hope you would love the results. Also, I am planning to do an ombre lips makeup tutorial, if you are interested, please comment below. I would love to do it for you! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “5 Clever Uses of Lipsticks You Never Knew About

  1. I like the idea of using lipstick for contouring. Now, that’s something new to me. I would love to try that soon. I have used lipstick as cream blush many times, and my dry skin behaves well with it.

  2. Thats such a lovely post. ive been using lipsticks as contour and blush but what intrigued me was that we can use it for our brows. Thats something ive never heard of. Thanks for the tips, i’ll definitely try the brow trick.

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