Clinic Plus Ayurveda Care Triphala Shampoo Review

Hair Type: Smooth straight hair with dry tip.
Scalp: Oily

Hello ladies,

Today I am going to review Clinic Plus Ayurveda Care Triphala Shampoo. Let’s get into the details now.

Price: INR 95 for 175ml

My Experience with Clinic Plus Ayurveda Care Triphala Shampoo:

Clinic Plus Ayurveda Care Triphala Shampoo comes in a nice, white colored plastic bottle with a brown flip cap. The packaging is very basic, nothing impressive about it. But the good thing is that it’s available in various size options. This bottle is totally travel-friendly and very affordable, too. This shampoo is specially formulated to follow the traditional way of shampooing and ayurvedic products always feel very good.

Since I love to use ayurvedic products this shampoo was tempting me a lot. The shampoo has a brown-colored medium-thin consistency that perfectly blends on the scalp with a little massage. It spreads smoothly on hair and scalp. Since I have long hair, I need a decent amount of the product. It has a beautiful ayurvedic fragrance which feels good and refreshing. This mild and pleasant scent stays on for long in my hair. The shampoo lathers well and is easy to rinse.

It cleanses my hair perfectly. The shampoo removes all the dirt from the roots and clears the impurities from hair. I can feel that ‘pure’ and ‘clean’ effect, and love it. It also easily cleanses my oiled hair with a second wash. It never irritates my scalp. My city is extremely polluted and this shampoo helps to keep my hair fresh and oil free. But it is not very effective at controlling sebum, so on the second day, my hair turns oily. It might be happening because of the humidity, though.

It keeps my hair smooth and soft and does not make it dry. I already have shiny hair and this shampoo just helps to maintain the shine. It contains so many good ingredients, hence it is great for hair. This shampoo hydrates my hair well and keeps it moisturised, too. It makes my hair soft, smooth and silky and keeps it healthy. I have not noticed any hair fall because of this shampoo either.

It maintains the perfect balance of goodness and improves the health of my hair with each wash. Triphala solves hair troubles, like hair fall, easily. Hence, this shampoo has increased the strength of my hair but it takes some time to show results. Also, I don’t have any major hair fall issues, so I am not sure how it would tackle heavy hair fall. The results may vary from person to person.

It has also repaired the texture of my hair but it could not do a lot for damaged hair, mainly because this shampoo isn’t very hydrating. A conditioner is required to lock the moisture in, otherwise, the shampoo alone makes hair frizzy. It keeps hair manageable but not for long and this is another reason why a conditioner is necessary.

Overall, it’s an affordable shampoo for regular use. It is not very harmful to hair and keeps hair strong and healthy. This shampoo adds a little volume but not for long. I have limp hair and this shampoo can never keep my hair bouncy for long.

Pros of Clinic Plus Ayurveda Care Triphala Shampoo:

⦁ Nice, travel-friendly packaging.
⦁ Super affordable.
⦁ Various size options.
⦁ Pleasant ayurvedic fragrance.
⦁ Lathers well and easy to rinse.
⦁ Cleans all the dirt and oil from hair.
⦁ Keeps hair fresh for long.
⦁ Cleans oiled hair also.
⦁ Makes my hair soft, smooth and shiny.
⦁ Makes hair strong and healthy.
⦁ Controls hair fall.
⦁ Contains good, natural ingredients.

Cons of Clinic Plus Ayurveda Care Triphala Shampoo:

⦁ Not super moisturising.
⦁ Can’t control sebum.
⦁ Hair becomes limp the next day.
⦁ Needs to be followed up with a conditioner.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Clinic Plus Ayurveda Care Triphala Shampoo?
Yes to both. I like this ayurvedic shampoo and its freshness, too.

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