Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil

Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil

Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil

I was feeling the need to oil my hair for the past few weeks.  I thought Parachute was too heavy and opted to get the Clinic Plus Nourishing Hair Oil.  I don’t know if I am “that” unique person in the world who gets headache if oil is kept on the head for a longer period.  Before shampooing, I just keep oil in my hair for around 1 hour, and that’s about it.  Here’s the review for the oil:

Product Description:

New Clinic Plus Nourishing Hair Oil with coconut oil nourishment makes your hair stronger, healthier, and full of life.

How To Use:

Massage it deep onto the scalp before wash and apply gently on the hair from roots to tips just before combing.

Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil


Rs. 69 for 200 ml.


Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil

My Take on Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil:

This hair oil comes in a sturdy, plastic bottle.  The oil smells strongly of coconut oil (but it seems fragrance is added, why?).  Other than coconut oil, it also contains wheat germ oil, oleic acid, and mineral oil.  The oil seems a lot lighter than the Parachute hair oil, but washing it off is an enormous task.  I had massaged my hair with this oil for 10 minutes and then kept it for one hour before shampooing.  When I got down to actually shampooing my hair, it was a bloody difficult task.  The oil just refused to leave my hair.  I had to take lots of shampoo, but the oil in my hair was still there.  After air drying my hair, I still had that “chipkoo” feeling.  The next day, I had to wash my hair again because it had become totally limp because of the oil.

Hair Oil

One thing I would like to point out here is that the water at my place has a TDS (total dissolved solids) reading of around 500 and that’s why may be I had a difficulty in washing off this hair oil.  Anyway, I do not experience such trouble with Parachute oil, so this oil is definitely not light.

Pros of Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil:

  • Claims to be a nourishing oil.
  • Contains coconut oil, wheatgerm oil.

Cons of Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil:

  • If the TDS content in your water is high, you would have to spend a helluva lot of time and shampoo in rinsing this oil off your hair.
  • Contains added perfume, when coconut oil is present in such a huge percentage, why add fragrance?
  • Did not see any noticeable change in hair texture or health.

Will I Repurchase Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil?

No, I can only afford RO water for drinking, not for rinsing hair.

Do I Recommend Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil?

You get Parachute at your place easily, isn’t it?

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19 thoughts on “Clinic Plus Daily Care Nourishing Hair Oil

  1. Jomol you can try Auraved scalp releif oil..its light weight yet moisturizing.. love it totally!
    btw, i had HAD to notice onething in your pics (other than the green background)..balance !

  2. LOL @ the RO water comment. 😀 😀 😀 I tried this oil a few years back and hated it. The whole claim of it being “light” is bogus. Besides, any oil with so much mineral oil content can not be very nourishing or safe either. If you want a light oil, try sweet almond or even pure wheatgerm one. They smell mild and are pretty light on the hair.

  3. why did u use this jo? only 5% coconut oil?? gahhhhh ya mineral oil is difficult to wash off if u have hard water.. I hate keeping oil for long time, never overnight.. gives me throatpain.. Try virgin coconut oil.. ivide kittum Rubco enna brand is very good.. aarodenkilum paranju medikku.. its very light and does not have smell also… 🙂

    1. ife…where do you live in Kerala….njagal keralayil property medikyan alochikyuva……most probably thrissur…..:)

      1. me in trivandrum jo… its a bit boring to live..there is nothing to do here 🙂 even kollam, thrissur, ernakulam is good.. in ernakulam lots of nice flats n villas r coming in the suburbs.. with less traffic n greenery..thrissur is great i think.. its growing so much and the people are nice too..

  4. jomol.. loved the review.. yes thrissur is a good place to buy property..
    there are lot of virgin coconut oil brands.. which r light.. and non perfumed..

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