Clinic Plus Soft And Silky Cream Conditioner Review

New Clinic Plus Soft And Silky Cream Conditioner

Hello Everyone,

The product I am reviewing today is Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner. I was wondering for long about lack of Clinic Plus product’s reviews on IMBB. So I decided to put up this one. I got this conditioner free with big, pump bottle of Clinic Plus Shampoo. I am using this conditioner for quite a long time now and I am sure I could do justice to this conditioner for sure.

Clinic plus conditioner

What the product claims:
Using only shampoo is not enough. It leaves your hair looking dry, rough and lifeless.
Introducing Clinic Plus Soft & Silky Conditioner with Milk Protein Lock and Almond Oil Formula which provides deep nourishment to smoothen hair from root to tip. Now get smooth silky hair that’s so soft to touch!
Give your hair 2 step shampoo plus cream conditioner solution to get hair that’s also shining with healthy glow.


Directions to use:
1. Apply on entire length of hair after rinsing off shampoo
2. Wash after 1 minute, to get soft silky hair.
For best results, use regularly with clinic plus shampoo.

Price: Rs. 94
It comes with sturdy flip-flap cap packaging which is travel friendly. It dispenses only right amount of product without wastage.

Clinic plus conditioner

My experience with Clinic Plus Soft & Silky Conditioner:
I am sure many of us must have used clinic plus shampoo is our childhood. Even nowadays, this one is favorite among kids. Haven’t you girls noticed? I have used clinic plus shampoo for a long long time. Then I grew out of it and shifted to other shampoos and also started to use conditioner after shampooing my hair. I am a Dove loyalist now but a few days back I wanted to change between shampoos to avoid product buildup, and one of my friend-who has silky, straight, waist length hair told me that she is using Clinic plus made me buy this shampoo again. This conditioner came free with the shampoo.
I was not aware that clinic plus has launched conditioner but after some research I found that they had launched the conditioner some time back. Well before discussing about conditioner, let me tell you my take with shampoo in short. I AM NOT HAPPY.

WITH SHAMPOO. It’s drying; in fact dries out my hair too much. The frizz makes my hair literally stand straight on my head and I have to fight a lot to settle them. Good thing about shampoo this is it cleans dirt and pollution out of my hair pretty well. Otherwise I am disappointed with the shampoo.

Anyways, back to conditioner. The very first day, I washed my hair with shampoo but did not use conditioner. My hair was as dry and rough as mentioned in the product description. I had to invest so much time fighting the frizz; even my matrix serum couldn’t settle them well.

Clinic plus conditioner

In the next wash, after shampooing I used this conditioner. This conditioner is thick and creamy white in nature and you require a good quantity to cover entire length of hair.

As per the directions given I used it on entire length of my hair (I have shoulder length hair) and let it soak for 3 mins (More that suggested, but I wanted to condition my hair badly). After washing out, I did feel that my hair was soft and shiny. Though not so silky, they weren’t much rough or dry.

After a month or so, I switched to Dove again. With Dove shampoo, this conditioner was very nice with other shampoos. My hair felt so soft and silky. Added shine was the bonus. So I guess clinic plus shampoo is too drying to be taken care by this conditioner. Since then I am using this conditioner and I am happy with its result. I am not saying it is awesome or magical product as such, it just does what a conditioner should do, and that’s it.

• Lesser price than other conditioners
• Makes hair soft and shiny, if not so silky
• It can be used to full length of hair. Not much products do that
• Travel friendly packaging
• Nice smell, like clinic plus shampoos. Not over-powering.

• Does not condition much.
• Contains parabens.

Will I repurchase: Most probably not.

Will I recommend to others: Not so strongly

My rating: 3/5

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10 thoughts on “Clinic Plus Soft And Silky Cream Conditioner Review

  1. Your review remind me of my school days the only shampoo my mom use it for my hair :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    Even i can remember how it smells :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    Nice review rashmi :yes:

  2. nice review!!! never used clinic plus 😉 but have observed every male member of my family possesed it at some point of time.. i use to think its a “guy” shampoo :specs: :specs:

  3. i too used clinic plus pouch to check how it works and seriously it did nothing….doveeeeeee is the best 🙂

  4. I have used this shampoo and it felt too drying for my hair since then i have switched shampoos a lot and found my HG shampoo n conditioner in Dove . Nice review .

  5. Clinic Plus was our family shampoo…My mom used it on me,when i was a kid and loved that pearly blue colour :nostalgic: I really loved that smell so so much….. :methinks: :methinks: :methinks:

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