Clinic Plus+ Strong & Thick Health Shampoo Review

Hair Type: Thin, smooth, straight hair with dry ends
Scalp: Oily

Hello ladies!
Today’s review is going to be on Clinic Plus+ Strong & Thick Health Shampoo. Clinic Plus always reminds me of my childhood days. I love this shampoo for the power of controlling hair fall.

Clinic Plus+ Strong & Thick Health Shampoo Review

Price: Rs. 45 for 80 ml

Product Description:
Clinic Plus’s new strong and thick shampoo with added goodness of almond oil, milk protein formula, nourishes the roots and provides essential protein element that your hair is made of. New strong and thick shampoo gives you upto 30 percent visibly thicker hair.


My Experience with Clinic Plus+ Strong & Thick Health Shampoo:

Shampoo comes in a white plastic bottle with a deep blue flip-top cap. Packaging is very common, nothing impressive. But as it comes in various size options, I can try a small one first. This small bottle is totally travel friendly and light weight to carry.


It has a nice consistency, which is neither too thick nor runny. It smoothly spreads on hair and scalp. As I have long hair, I need a decent amount of product to cover my entire hair. It easily lathers on hair and is easy to rinse also. It cleans my hair perfectly. I have oily hair, so dirt sticks easily on my hair. But this shampoo removes all the dirt from roots of the hair and makes my hair clean. It also easily cleans my oiled hair with second wash and never irritates my scalp.


It keeps my hair smooth and soft and never makes hair dry. My mom has super dry hair and it doesn’t work so great on her hair. So it is good for normal to little dry hair. At the end of the day, my hair is not easy to manage, so I feel the need of a conditioner. It doesn’t provide that noticeable shine to my hair. I already have shiny hair but after using this, I have noticed less shine. It doesn’t highlight my naturally highlighted brown hair color that much. But it keeps hair healthy to make them strong. I couldn’t notice any hair fall after using this shampoo. Actually it controls hair fall and helps to reduce the hair thinning problem.


Overall, it is an average shampoo. But it keeps hair fresh for long. It never makes hair oily or limp. It provides a very nice volume to my hair and cleans all the oil nicely and keeps my scalp oil free also. Maybe it is not super effective for dry, frizzy hair but it works well on my normal hair.

Pros of Clinic Plus+ Strong & Thick Health Shampoo:

• Nice travel friendly packaging.
• Super affordable.
• Comes in various sizes.
• Has a pleasant long lasting smell.
• Medium consistency blends easily on hair.
• Lathers decently.
• Cleans all the dirt and oil from hair.
• Keeps hair fresh for long.
• Cleans oiled hair also.
• Makes my normal hair soft and smooth.
• Provides a decent volume to hair.
• Makes hair strong and healthy.
• Controls hair fall.

Cons of Clinic Plus+ Strong & Thick Health Shampoo:

• Doesn’t provide noticeable shine.
• Not super effective for dry hair.
• Hair looks unmanageable at the end of the day.
• Can’t keep hair tangle free.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Clinic Plus+ Strong & Thick Health Shampoo?
I really like how it controls hair fall and it also provides a nice volume. On my hair it works nice. If you have extremely dry hair, this is not for you. But people with normal hair can try this.

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