Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-puffing Eye Massage Roll-On Review

Skin type: Oily eye lids with mild puffiness under brow bone

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Hope all of you are doing fine today! I am here to share another product with you all which comes from our much loved brand Clinique. I have tried couple of products from Clinique and mostly find them suitable for my acne prone skin type while I am yet to convince myself to get them again. Considering I often wake up with puffy eyes (blame it to irregular sleep schedule or excess salt intake) I needed an instant cure for saving my day time plans. Thankfully my night cream helps in solving almost all my concerns, still I needed a life saving hack to save my surprise bad days. Let’s read more about Clinique all About Eyes Serum De-puffing Eye Massage Roll-On!

Clinique All About Eyes Serum

Price: $30 for 0.5 Fl Oz, excludes shipping and taxes
Product Description: This instantly cooling rollerball helps massage away bags, refreshes and hydrates puffy eyes on contact. Brightens eye area immediately and over time. Combats dark circles, too. With caffeine, potent antioxidants and soothing botanicals. Oil-free, non-irritating. Ophthalmologist Tested.
Clinique All About Eyes Serum ingredients

My Experience with Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-puffing Eye Massage Roll-On:

The de-puffing eye massager comes in sturdy semi-transparent peach colored plastic tube packaging with metallic roller tip and a tight cap. It does not have any significant fragrance.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum packaging

The de-puffing massage fluid appears transparent in color and absorbs nicely on eye area provided we dab it gently with our ring finger. I like how the cool metal roller ball imparts soothing sensation to my otherwise puffy sleepy eyes thereby leaving generous amount of serum around my eyes which needs to be massaged on with fingers further. As I mentioned above I have bit puffy eyes which usually show up when least expected hence the metallic roller ball applicator helps in calming down the swollen brow bone area. The serum absorbs onto my eye area leaving bright and well-rested eyes all day long.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum review

I don’t see any significant improvement on my fine lines around eyes but it is commendable how it instantly de-puffs my swollen eyes like a magic. I am impressed to see that it works equally well under eye makeup or when simply used alone before stepping out. However, I do feel that it might be too slow or nearly ineffective in treating dark circles or other concerns. I say so because I do feel need of applying my hydrating eye cream over this serum, as it alone cannot help me tackle ageing issues. In fact my sister has dark circles and she has been using it since 2-3 weeks twice daily yet she hasn’t seen any changes in her dark circles other than the fact that her eyes look well rested over a period of time.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum roller ball

I feel that this serum can work well on young 20s or mid 30s preferably for puffy eyes and/or mild signs of fatigue; other than that I feel we might make use of it by using this serum in conjunction with our regular hydrating eye creams. Considering I have oily eye lids still I feel the need of using additional eye cream especially around crow feet area and under eye area. I think beauties with dry skin might find it tricky for their sensitive eye area. Over all I am not overtly impressed with the serum since it just helps me combat puffiness which I can also achieve with cold metal spoon or cucumber trick. However, for travelling purpose and surprise bad days I find it really handy to resolve my issues quickly. Let’s sum up pros and cons,

Pros of Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-puffing Eye Massage Roll-On:

• An instant eye de-puffing massage serum.
• Enriched with goodness of grape seed extract, caffeine, pomegranate fruit juice extract.
• It instantly provides relief from fatigue and puffy eye concerns.
• Imparts subtle brightening glow to eye area.
• Eyes look well rested regardless of irregular sleep pattern or other factors.
• Imparts healthy glow over a period of time.
• Does not irritate or feel drying on eyes.
• The metallic roller tip soothes and calms down eye area.
• Perfect for young age groups and mid 30s who have minor ageing concerns.

Cons of Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-puffing Eye Massage Roll-On:

• It might feel tricky on dry skin.
• I need additional eye care routine for other benefits.
• It needs gentle massaging post application to absorb in skin.
• Nearly ineffective or too slow for dark circles.
• Won’t help with signs of ageing.
• Just 6 months life.
• Pricey.

IMBB Rating – 3.8/5
Honestly I feel it’s a bit over priced for a metallic roller applicator and de-puffing serum considering my limited usage. Moreover I would not be able to finish it off within 6 months hence splurging 30 bucks for limited usage feels too much to ask for. I might give it a skip as well.

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  1. depuffing for eyes sounds like music to ears. despite the cons i’d love to give it a shot. thanks for the detailed review, neetu 🙂

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