Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Melon Pop Review

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Today’s review will be on one of the shades from my Clinique Cheek pop haul I did a while back. I bought 3 shades which are Melon Pop, Pink pop and Fig Pop. This review is on the shade Melon Pop.

cliinique cheek pop melon pop blush (2)

About The Product:
A long-wearing, buildable cheek color that imparts a bright hue.
What it does:
Discover pure, natural cheek color that looks virtually powderless. Its unique, patented technology transforms pure liquid pigment into a smooth, silky powder through a process of slow baking, leaving true color—from compact to cheeks.This silky smooth, stay-true formula creates a vibrant, healthy-looking glow without a trace of powder residue.
What else you need to know:
Clinique Cheek Pop’s embossed gerber daisy motif embodies its fresh, modern vibe. All shades are bright yet sheer and buildable. It is 100 percent free of fragrance and ophthalmologist- and allergy-tested.
-Simply sweep it over the apples of the cheeks, blending out towards the hairline and across forehead. Repeat to build intensity.
-Gently blend up towards the cheekbones and temples.

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Price: $21

My Experience with Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Melon Pop :

Firstly, I must admit the pretty packaging caught my heart at the first sight. Do anyone of you also experience the phenomenon of love at first sight for makeup like I do: P. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous with a crystal clear case which houses this beautiful daisy imprint on the blush. The color of the blush is accurate reflected through the clear outer case and owning a couple of shades you could make you own personal makeup bouquet. Apart from this gorgeousness, I was left highly disappointed with the performance of the product itself.

cliinique cheek pop melon pop blush (4)

The imprint of daisy on the blush is quite firm and will not fade away after a couple of use but it will definitely get swirled away over time. The texture and density of the blush is quite firm and dense and does not kick up powder when you swirl you brush in. You need a special kind of a dense, firm bristles brush to pick enough of this product to apply. With a wispy, non-firm brush you will have a very difficult time picking up enough product for it to show up.

cliinique cheek pop melon pop blush (3)

Pigmentation & Finish:
I was highly disappointed in this aspect. 2 of the lighter shades I got which are Melon Pop and Pink pop have very poor pigmentation. It takes a lot of building up to get just a hint of color to show up on my cheeks. The deeper color Fig Pop also has the same issue with lack of pigmentation but not as bad as the lighter shades. The shade never truly builds up even half as true as the beautiful color of the daisy. The constant swirling of the brush in the pan and trying to build it up layer after layer feels very frustrating to me.

cliinique cheek pop melon pop blush (4)

The good part here is even with multiple layers this blush never feels the slight bit chalky on my skin. It does not apply patchy nor does it accentuate lines or pores. The finish it gives is mostly matte, devoid of any shimmer but it does impart a slight sheen which makes your skin look not flat but healthy.

The shade Melon Pop is a beautiful peachy coral. I really wish it imparted more color and flush on my skin to be noteworthy coz when I bought this I was sure this could be my next summery blush. But alas the lack of pigmentation makes this shade fail even though the color is gorgeous.

cliinique cheek pop melon pop blush (4)

Staying Power:
Another disappointment. This shade barely lingered 3-4 hours on my skin before disappearing without a trace(For reference my skin is dry and makeup usually does not break down on me due to oil). If I apply it very heavy handedly I can almost drag the wear time to 4-5 hours. But the plus here is it fades evenly and does not look patchy as it fades. The deeper shade fares a little better for me in this aspect too.

Overall, yes this a very pretty product to look but I was not very impressed with the performance of this. My major feud with this product is the lack of pigmentation and poor staying power. Hence I will not recommend this blush unless you are a avid collector of pretty makeup items.

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Pros of Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Melon Pop :

• Absolutely gorgeous packaging. Truly breath-taking
• Pretty shade range
• Does not go on chalky
• Does not accentuate lines or pores on my skin
• Fades evenly
• Does not contain any shiner but gives a slight luminous sheen to the skin which makes it look healthy.

clinique cheek pop melon pop blush swatches

clinique cheek pop melon pop blush swatches

cliinique cheek pop melon pop blush swatches

Cons of Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Melon Pop :

• Poor pigmentation especially for lighter shades
• Poor staying power
• You need to use a dense firm brush with this product to be able to pick up product.

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10 thoughts on “Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Melon Pop Review

    1. Yes i was left quite dissapointed with them especially considering all the hype surrounding them.. The only redeeming factor here where that there are not super duper expensive

  1. I would love to have fig pop in my collection. Such a beautiful and subtle shade. Melon pop too is beautiful but I don’t think would even show up on my skin. 😛

    1. Out the 3 Fig pop is definately the one to get.. The shade is especially flattering for desi skintones.. Melon pop fell short in the pigmentation department otherwise it would have been a hit too

  2. Nice review!
    I have the same one…bought from Germany for 25 euros…looks great, but not so great when used.
    Don’t think want to own any from this range.

  3. I agree with the pigmentation part. Would have loved if these blushes performed as beautifully as they looked!!!

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