Clinique and Elizabeth Arden Haul: Celebration Haul

Clinique and Elizabeth Arden Haul: Celebration Haul

Yesterday Neha had showed you all her awesome Celebration Haul here.  As you all know, both of us began our journey on IMBB together  exactly 3 years ago and we are working together for this awesome blog now.  I had forgotten about my third year anniversary, but our lovely writer Misha, sent me a sweet congratulatory mail :* I thank her so much for the sweet gesture and all of you who wished both of us yesterday on Neha’s post.  As Neha said, we have had small and big achievements backstage and Rati and Sanjeevji indulged us as always and let us haul some of our favourite products.  Thank you sooooooo much both of you.  They are the most “AWESOME” people on Earth and I am sure all of you would agree 🙂  Neha is the sweetest and liveliest person I have known and we can continuously talk non-stop about anything under the sun.  Its a pleasure working with her and Rati, Sanjeevji, and Neha are my extended family now.  Last not but the least, our writers, contributors, readers are the most important for us, Love you all 🙂

Coming to the haul, I picked Clinique products again and one primer from Elizabeth Arden.  The SA had kept my goody bag of samples ready with a green ribbon and all 🙂 I am absolutely fond of her.  Here are the haul pics 🙂


The Clinique Products:


Samples Clinique

The Clinique Goody Bag:

Clinique Samples

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Retexturizing Primer and serum samples:

Elizabeth Arden Retexturizing Primer

Bought Clinique’s Take Off The Day Cleansing Balm, Clinique BB Cream, Clinique Wash Away Cleanser, and Acne Solutions Oil Free Moisturiser.

Clinique and Elizabeth Arden Haul  Celebration Haul 4

Elizabeth Arden Clinique

Clinique Goody Bag:

Clinique Goody Bag

All the samples I got 😛

All Samples

My Small Makeup Haul
My Haul 🙂
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Accessories, Clothing Haul
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My Mini Maybelline Lipsticks Haul
Clothing, Makeup & Perfume Haul
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Singapore Shopping Haul
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55 thoughts on “Clinique and Elizabeth Arden Haul: Celebration Haul

  1. u got so much stuff jomol di.. congrats alot on ur third anniversary here. i m waiting for ur silver jubilee here 😛 u know wen i read neha di’s post yesterday about the shopping, i was sure wud have got more products 😛

  2. Hey congratulations Jomol di 😉 😉
    My gosh soo much stuff from clinique… 🙂 Is there anything left for us to pick or you have picked it all 🙂 kidding kidding..!!

  3. wow..wat a haul…n it seems someone is lucky wit d samples too…njoy jomol..:)congrats..u ppl deserve much more for ur hardwork and sweetness:*

  4. great going Jomol!
    i just said this yesterday as well but i would like to repeat….IMBB will reac newer heights with the lovely team of Tridevis and Sanjeevji of course…and i am so proud to be a part of this “madness”

  5. Awe jomo that’s such a sweet post. I am likee suuuper J after seeing your haul. Hmmpphh. I am looking forward to all the reviews esp the cleansing balm :)) god!! No one ever gives me so msny goodiess. *smmuuggg* and you know you guys are also my family. Mwwwahh

    1. Jomo… congratulations…. and you all deserve the appreciation showered by everyone here for all the hard work you put in..and the passion with which you all work..

      I have always said this and saying it again… IMBB is such a happy place to be in.. there’s so much positivity and encourgament around.. It feels great to be a part of IMBB..

      Love you all..

      Hugggsss Jomoo… <3 <3

  6. Lovely haul. What is in those little clinique pots that you got as free samples.

    The camaraderie you, neha, rati and sanjeev share is something that we all love!

    1. Thanks so much Shai 🙂 In those cute little pots, there’s all about eyes cream, superdefense moisturizer, Moisture Thirst Relief moisturizer 🙂

  7. wohooo partyyyy… 🙂 congratulations to you again…. tuch wud for you bond…. n i pray imbb always remains such a wonderful place and may you achieve many more heights in future.. 🙂 :*
    “hugs” (n dat is my firsht hug to you jomol di.. 😉 ;))

  8. GOD you guys are amazinggg !! I love all of you <3 This blog has always been my favorite <3 I wish someday i could meet you people..That will be truly awesome 🙂
    Love and kisses from Kuwait :*

  9. Congratulations Jomol. IMBB I must say is one of the best community I’ve encountered as it is very positive, kind and it kinda give that push to every girl in here to do and be their very best. 🙂 More power to you and to the blog. 🙂

  10. Awww Jomoooo congratulations to u dear n am soooo happy to see ur haul!! Awaiting the reviews!! 🙂 I looveee Clinique 🙂 🙂

  11. Congratulations Jomol 🙂 u have become clinique’s brand ambassador now! so may clinique goodies 😀 have fun!

  12. Congrats Jomol 🙂 wish you many more successful years to come..

    and i am reader of IMBB blog since sep 2010 😛 😛 😛

  13. Oh – My – God ! This is insane ! whatthey haul ! Jomo today i declare u as the brand ambassador of Clinique. Jokes apart i congratulate you for completing three glorious years at IMBB, you guys do so much for all of us and the betterment of all women. Kudos to your sheer hard work and passion towards this blog. I love you all and wish to express my devout thanks !hugs

  14. Many Many congratulations Jomol… May you and IMBB grow forever 🙂 Clinique… well what do i say you are almost addicting me towards the brand.. I have to jump on that brand next 🙂 what a haul!

    May you be lucky always… god bless all of you 🙂

  15. Congrats Jomol ji…u r toh Clinique ambassador now… 😉 someday we wud like to see ur pic too… 😀

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