Clinique Even Better Concealer Orange Brightener Review


Hi beauties,

I have been thinking since a few days of reviewing a few concealer products for you. Concealers are products which conceal the imperfections on your skin. They can be used on under eye dark circles, minor zits, redness, sunspots…. and up to major facial scars. Not all skin issues can be covered with foundations without looking extremely cakey. Hence it is advisable to apply foundation for sheer to moderate coverage… and use Concealers for major skin imperfections.


Concealers are highly pigmented products which come in the category of makeup base (like foundations). These are also available in multiple shades (though less than foundations)….and they work very well to CONCEAL. Concealers are available in both in thin liquid form and thick creamy texture. Liquid concealers (MAC Moisture Cover Concealer) mostly provide light to moderate coverage and will conceal many minor imperfections and mild under eye darkness. More thicker gel like concealers are available in tubes (Mac Select Cover up Concealer)…these provides better coverage than the thinner liquid forms. Still thicker concealers are usually in Solid version, available both in Pots (Clinique Even Better Concealer) and in Stick (Revlon Photoready concealer) variant. These provide moderate to complete coverage. These are used by people with major skin issues and those in fashion and fine arts work who will constantly face the camera. A thick creamy concealer will sit on fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes if not blended properly and can enhance them. Hence these are not recommended for mature skin.However, if you have wrinkles and fine lines and do need very heavy coverage, these solid version are excellent options, just be sure to blend them very well.

Newer generation of Concealers have come with Illuminators. These are very suitable for concealing mild dark under eye areas. They provide sheer to moderate coverage. They conceal the darkness as well as brighten the area.


Concealers come in many shades…and it is very easy to go extremely wrong with them. Even a little mistake with a concealer can make you look more haggard and ashy..…and cause reverse panda eyes like effect. To minimise this, newer generation of Correctors also known as Brightenershave been introduced. These are not concealers per se; they only help to cancel out the shadows. These are usually on the opposite side of each other on spectrum color wheel. Like Orange is on opposite end of Blue; so Orange will cancel out Blue shadows. Similarly Green cancels out Redness… Today, I have reviewed the recently launched Clinique Even Better Concealer in the shade “Orange Brightener” .

Price:Rs 1600/- for 3.5mg

Bare skin:


About the product: Clinique Even Better Concealer – Orange Brightener
• Is for all types of skin.
• Is suitable for all types of skin
• Creamy, stay-put concealer with Vitamin C helps cover dark spots and discolorations
• Skin looks brighter, more even-toned
• Allergy tested
• Fragrance free



My experience Clinique Even Better Concealer Orange Brightener :

This product been launched exclusively in India. It helps to cancel out bluish to purplish under eye dark shadows which are very unique to Indian women. The product comes in a glass pot with a silver color screw lid. The packaging is very sturdy and heavy.It can be easily put into your purse and carried during travel.

After Blending:

The pot contains an Orange color solid product inside. Do not get alarmed by the orange color, it does not look weird on the dark areas at all. The product is thick and very creamy in consistency. It has excellent pigmentation too.I have been using this brightener daily since 6 months for my under eye area….And I still have more than half of the product left.Even after six months, it is still extremely creamy and has not dried out at all. I usually scoop out a little amount of product on the back of my hand using a Q-tip… And then use my ring finger to lightly dab it on my under eye dark shadowy area only. Using a finger helps to warm up the product and really blends it very well. I usually start with a very little amount and then slowly build up the coverage depending on the intensity of my under eye darkness that day.
It is very effective in cancelling out my under eye shadows… After which I usually cover it up with either my foundation or a very small amount of some other concealer. Even my sheer coverage foundation goes on extremely well on this and provides a uniform base throughout the skin. The corrector does not dry out the skin at all. It does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles. However, it’s better to apply a hydrating eye cream underneath to help in spreading out the product evenly without tugging on the skin. It sets into a very smooth, matte finish… and lasts on the skin very long without making the area oily. You can apply it on other areas of skin imperfections also.

Pros of Clinique Even Better Concealer Orange Brightener :

• Sturdy packaging
• Small enough to be carried on travels
• Creamy texture
• Cancels out dark shadows
• Does not settle into fine lines
• Does not melt in hot weather
• Less amount of concealer is needed on top
• Evens out the dark areas
• Does not clog pores
• Does not break me out
• Brightens up the area without making it look ashy
• Lasts a longlongtime

Cons of Clinique Even Better Concealer Orange Brightener :

• Limited availability
• Expensive
• Will not replace your concealer
• May dry out very mature skin
• No applicator provided… A bit unhygienic.
IMBB rating: 5/5
Will I repurchase Clinique Even Better Concealer Orange Brightener :

Yes, of course.

I feel that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The people who love us, our children, our family…will love us despite all our facial imperfections. However, we women do need a bit of morale boosting time and again and resort to using heavy coverage concealers to make ourselves look perfect. This is perfectly acceptable during any social function. However, for daily use, we don’t need to put on so much that even our children fail to recognise us. This brightener will help to cancel out any facial shadows, and limit the amount of concealer to be used. As long as we all accept our imperfections….we can give very heavy duty coverage concealers a miss. Here’s wishing all of you a very happy family life with all your loved ones…May you lead a life full of joy and confidence and face each day with a bright and happy glow on your face.

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    1. Hi sumera…. The even better concealer range has 10 shades of concealer in it… I am sure you will be able to find your shade in it… However…. The orange brightener is a special product released only in India…. It is orange in color… It does not conceal anything… It only cancels out blue to purple under eye shadows and brightens up that area… Thanks

  1. I was trying to find this here in u.s, but they say they never heard the name, now i understood, this is only released in India, so sad, i want it *waaa* *waaa*

  2. Hi Sravanthi… Yeah it is sad since u r really missing out on something good… If u have problem of under eye dark circles…. Get it from someone in India dear

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