Clinique Eye Liner Brush Review

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Skin type: Oily-sensitive, acne prone
Eyes: medium-small eyes with puffy brow bone

Hello fellas,

How are you doing today? I am here to share my interest with you all. Ever since I jumped in bandwagon of makeup completely, I realized the significance of having right beauty tool apart from suitable makeup products. Since then I have been hoarding beauty tools which will suit my beginner level skills apart from irregular messy routine; considering I have a 4 year old future IMBB beauty at home who always sneaks into my vanity kit. I truly admire Real Techniques, Ecotools, Sonia Kashuk brands for makeup brushes though I believe in variety which always leads me to try on different products from different brands. This time it is Clinique which proved to be a decent purchase if not perfect! Let’s read more about Clinique Eye Liner Brush.

Clinique eye liner brush

Price: $19.50 for one brush, exclusive of shipping and tax
Product Description: Small, blunt-angled brush for precision eyeliner application. Firm, tapered edge allows exact control of line placement, width. Ideal for powder or gel liner formulas. Clinique’s unique antibacterial technology helps ensure the highest level of hygiene.

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My Experience with Clinique Eye Liner Brush:

The sleek and long eye liner brush appears to be composed of natural hairs and metallic silver colored sturdy packaging. It does have a bit cheap plastic wrap cap and it is already missing from my vanity; courtesy my tiny tot. The brush is enclosed nicely inside another semi-transparent plastic wrap though I was expecting a bit better packaging considering the price. Overall it is quite user friendly and travel friendly packaging.

Clinique eye  brush

The brush shape is flat-blunt and angular which makes it a multitasking one, for smudging liner along lash line apart from precisely lining our eyes. The length and sleek design of brush is suitable for working on our eyes, as I need to have a margin and grip while working on liner technique as of now; not to forget its ultra light weight. I also like the firm yet soft bristles which are soft on my eyes but at the same time they perfectly hold in shape while putting pressure or working on eyes. Oh yes, it is commendable how the brush seems to be firm enough to give pointed non-streaky line without splaying or fraying on edges unlike other brushes.

Clinique eye liner brush packaging

It pretty much holds the shape regardless of using it in wet form or dry form with powdered or gel formula eye liners and eye shadows as well. In fact I am blessed with watery eyes and hence I am very particular about using eye brushes or eye liners on my lower/upper lash line. This gives me a relief to say that it never accentuated my watery eyes while working closer to lash lines. It does not feel pokey considering natural goat/pony hairs often feel scratchy, but thankfully this is an exception. And it is very east to maintain, I just clean it with regular makeup remover wipes for frequent usage followed by weekly deep cleansing with Beauty Blender soap and it never showed any signs of fraying or wearing out or even shedding hairs till date.

Clinique eye liner brush open

I do own similar type of eye liner brush from Bobbi Brown and comparing them both I feel Clinique gets extra marks for perfect finish, good performance and being non-itchy, non-allergic for my eyes. Even Bobbi Brown liner brush is soft for my eyes but the way it tends to get trickier while working on thin winged liner makes me pick Clinique over the former. Yes this definitely means that whether you seek for thinner lines or thick winged liner this Clinique brush will do the job nicely if not like other great brushes but still better than Bobbi Brown eye liner brush.

Clinique eyeliner brush

Now that I realize the significance of having angled, flat-blunt and ultra thin liner brushes I can imagine myself reaching out for this brush for various jobs especially smudging eye shadow, liner on lower lash line apart from practicing winged liner with gel and powdery wet liners/eye shadows. At times it also helped me fill in my brows nicely with its firm angled shape which picks up ample product to get good color pay off. Though I feel for 20 bucks we do get many better choices in market, just that I am not able to find them yet. I feel being a beginner this brush will help me amp up my makeup game while I would like to explore other brushes in market. Let’s sum up pros and cons,

Pros of Clinique Eye Liner Brush:

• A light weight metallic body brush with natural soft hair fibers.
• Brush fibers are way soft and mild on delicate eyes.
• Apt length and slim fit to get perfect hold or grip on eyes.
• Bristles are mild on eyes yet firm enough.
• No fraying or splaying even after multiple usages.
• Can be used damp or dry with various gel, powdery liners and/or eye shadows.
• Perfect for smudging or lash lining.
• Does not feel itchy or pokey on delicate eye area.
• Does not show signs of wearing out or shedding even after several washes & cleans ups with wipes.
• Stays put in shape regardless of handling rough or tough.
• Easy to maintain and handle.

Clinique eye liner brush bristles

Cons of Clinique Eye Liner Brush:

• Packaging could have been bit more travel friendly & price worthy.
• Features are good not great.
• Pricey.
• It has natural hairs I believe.

IMBB Rating – 4.2/5
Well considering the price I believe we have better choices in budget brands too but since it does not make my eyes watery and overtly sensitive in crucial times; plus it managed to survive miss handling and rough tough usage I would anytime pick it freely. If you also looking for similar feature then this can be your choice.

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