Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

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Today’s review is about Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in the shade Intense Ebony which is my last IMBB sponsored product for now. I have super sensitive eyes and I can’t imagine wearing any eyeliner on my waterline at all. Nevertheless, I have started improving my eyeliner collection and have taken first step ahead by moving on from felt tip liners. Let’s see how this one works as Clinique Quickliner for Eyes turned out to be a dud for many, but these new Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense are fetching great reviews everywhere.

Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

Product Description:
No need to be subtle when it’s now so easy to move into the deepest, most dramatic range. Find all the intensity of a liquid liner in one simple stroke. Silky formula glides on. Stays on all day. Never needs sharpening. “Smoke” with the smudge tip on the opposite end. Ophthalmologist Tested.

Two great ways to wear it:
Create a dramatic winged-eye look.
Use it as a long-lasting eye shadow

How to Use:
• Swivel up only 1/8-inch (pencil does not retract to avoid exposing formula to air, which is drying).
• Line eyes.
• Use the tool on the opposite end to gently smudge colour to desired effect.
• Allow colour to set for 60 seconds to ensure transfer-resistance. Recap securely after using to protect the silky formula.
• Can be used alone or over eye shadow.
• Remove with your favourite Clinique eye makeup remover


Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

$16.5 (excluding taxes & shipping costs) for 0.28 gm.

My Experience with Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense:

Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense is available in 15 beautiful shades. The shade range is versatile and the finish varies from matte, creamy to shiny for each shade.

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense comes in a Clinique color-codes sleek cardboard box. The eyeliner is a twist-up, retractable pencil, with the color coding of the pencil matching the shade of the eyeliner. One end of the pencil carries a smudge sponge with a transparent lid and the other one holds the product with opaque cover to differentiate. The directions for use clearly illustrate to twist up only 1/8th of an inch of the product as the pencil cannot be retracted backwards to protect the formula from drying. This is kind of tricky as the pencil doesn’t twist up with ease and those who missed the instructions might damage their eyeliner.

Also, this way you can’t sharpen the tip for a thin line. I heard some eyeliners have faulty retract system and create troubles too. The smudge sponge is good, indeed. Yet, I would have preferred a sharpener with the product as nearly every comprehensive brush set includes a smudge brush. As per my experience, scared of exposing the eyeliner to air, I inserted my eyeliner inside the smudge sponge cover in hustle with my first usage and ended up damaging my eyeliner tip. And hence, I never got that sharp tip ever again! These were few setbacks with the packaging.

Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense is soft in texture and really very creamy! Yes, it gives the benefit over any cream eyeliner. The creamy formula shaped in an eyeliner pencil glides on effortlessly. The application is very easy and time saving. The creamy formula sets within seconds, so if you want to smudge it, be really quick and sharp. Once dried, you won’t be able to wipe it off completely or smudge it. Intense Ebony carries a creamy finish in wet form that turns matte when dry.

It is Ophthalmologically tested and fragrance free. The formula isn’t too sensitive to air drying for only 1/8th of an inch tip is exposed, so relax when using it and don’t end up in a similar situation like me (damaged mine!). Also, it isn’t way too soft to break with slight pressure during application. I wish it included a sharpening tool as the initial lines are thin and precise but later you have to count on your own arrangement for thin lines.

Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

Intense Ebony is a deep, jet black shade with matte finish. The pigmentation is superbly superb! :D. Refer to the swatches; even a single swipe is the blackest black. On the water line, it shows deep black with two swipes. The performance is amazing. Forget the packaging and the formula, the shade range, pigmentation, easy application and wear time will make you reach for it more than any other eyeliner. It doesn’t irritate the eyes or make them watery. It is safe for waterline application. You can use it as an eyeliner or smudge it for smoky eye shadow.

Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

Wear Time:
It stays all day long without smudging. I have worn it maximum for 8 hours and after the day ended, the eyeliner was there with some fading, but hadn’t disappeared completely. On the water line, it starts fading unevenly after 4 hours, but doesn’t budge at all and doesn’t vanish completely. Infact, the black kohl effect is very much there, but the intensity dims out. On the eyelids, it starts fading a bit from the inner corners of eyes after 6 hours; really impressive. It is waterproof and rubbing doesn’t remove it completely. This is where you need Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover.

Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review


Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

Let’s have a summed up look at pros and cons:

Pros of Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense:

• Intense, deep and jet black eyeliner.
• One swipe gives blackest black line.
• Long wear time. 6 hours on an average with one swipe on eyelids and 4 hours for waterline.
• Creamy and ideally soft formula.
• Glides on without tugging.
• Easy application, sets quickly.
• Can be smudged for smoky look with smudge sponge.
• Crazily pigmented.
• No smudging & no budging. So, no horrible zombie looks.
• Affordable price tag as compared to other high end eyeliners.
• Ophthalmologically tested.
• Parabens free.
• Water proof formula.
• Doesn’t give irritated or water eyes.
• Safe for waterline application.
• Dermatologically tested.

Cons of Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense:

• Tricky packaging.
• No sharpener included.
• Expensive for 0.28 gm when shipping & taxes are included.

IMBB Rating:
4.85/5 (deducting for packaging only)

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense?
I have fallen in love with the formula and the shade range (online:P). If possible, I will collect every shade from the range and I seriously mean it. Give them a try and these liners won’t fail to impress you.

Ciao beauties.

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10 thoughts on “Clinique Intense Ebony Quickliner For Eyes Intense Review

  1. I was a fan of this for the longest time but then quit buying it because it isn’t pocket friendly. It’s as dark as the faces long wear pencil in solid black,soft and doesn’t smudge even on my oil mine like lids. What’s not to love?
    And yeah, i wear contacts so it’s perfect for me because some other kajals like the lotus colorkick made my eyes so so so itchy. I’m contemplating going back to this one but still looking around for more budget friendly options that don’t make my eyes itch.

    Btw,super pictures and in India this eyeliner is available for Rs. 1350. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the detailed info Nandhini, yeah definitely they aren’t easy on pocket. i wear spechs and contacts too and when we ship them to Pakistan, they cost us double like PKR 2500/$25. Such a drawback that clinique makeup range isn’t sold here…
      I am glad you liked the clicks, thank you 🙂

  2. That’s a very intense black! Lovely eye swatches 🙂
    The packaging is tricky indeed, and I ended up breaking a chunk of my quickliner as i missed the instructions 🙁

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