Clinique Long Last Gloss Wear SPF 15: Air Kiss

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a lurker on this site for a while now and have finally plucked up the courage to review something here for all you gorgeous ladies. I’ve been wearing some form of lip colour since I was 16, (which was a long long time ago). Other than that, I don’t go in much for makeup. I’ve always been more of a lipstick person, having first begun wearing them in the 90s and I always stock a basic nude, brown and maroon (my version of classic red lips). When glosses became the rage, I felt they were not for me. My lips are my stand out feature, and I felt they deserved glorious colour and accentuation. Highlighting my eyes, which are rather small and hidden behind my glasses, seemed like a wasted effort.
clinique gloss
But then, I’m easily swayed. When one of my close friends came down for her annual trip to India, she forced me to try her glosses and it didn’t look too bad. So I took baby steps buying Maybelline and Streetwear glosses. I only became a total convert when my cousin gifted me this Clinique gloss, Clinique Long Last Gloss Wear SPF 15 – Air Kiss

clinique gloss applicator
What Clinique says: Lip gloss juiced up with 8 hours of lasting shine. Spends every minute comforting lips. In 18 glistening shades from sheer to full intensity. Moisture makes each one even more mouth-watering. Protects lips, too. Welcome to our juice bar.
clinique gloss cover
Price: Not sure as it was a gift, but somewhere in the Rs.700/- range going by how much it costs abroad.

Ingredients: I got this from the back of the pack, not sure it is a complete list though.

My take on it:
First of all, I loved the packaging which is oh so pretty.

When I looked inside and saw the pale pale pink tube of ‘Air Kiss’ though, I was worried as I’m not fair skinned and I was sure it would make my lips look lighter than the rest of me. (The shade is not as peachy as it looks in the bottle, it’s more a baby pink). Sure enough when I applied it, it looked like I had laid on a thick opaque yet shiny whitish layer on my mouth. But in a few minutes the colour settled and became absolutely clear yet unmistakably glossy. No shimmer, just a wet glossy look close to my natural lip colour. I don’t mind fragrances, but this is absolutely fragrance free.

Clinique Long Last Glass Wear SPF 15 – Air Kiss is rather sticky in texture, but that may be because of its long wearing properties. It stays on after my eleven o clock tea, doesn’t transfer on to the cup, survives many sips of water intact and even has a faint sheen after lunch. 4-5 hours I would say, though not the 8 the company promises. Initially it would form a white residue on the corners of my lips, but then I figured it was because I was applying too much product and the excess was settling in there.

Just a hint of the pink showing there

From a different angle…

Pros of Clinique Long Last Glass Wear SPF 15 – Air Kiss

• Long stay – lasts at least 4-5 hours with eating and drinking
• Fragrance free – not that I mind either way
• Versatile – works with almost any outfit and make up look
• Sheer – should flatter anyone
• Good for day and night
• Doesn’t settle into fine lines
• Not drying
• Has SPF
• Hypoallergenic (so they claim)

Cons of Clinique Long Last Glass Wear SPF 15 – Air Kiss

• Quite sticky – you’ll definitely be aware you have it on
• Not cheap
• Haven’t explored similar options in other brands to make a comparison
• Not sure where it is available in India
• I literally have to perform air-kisses in the morning when I leave for work ;). I know it probably won’t transfer but I don’t want to test it on my son.

Would I buy again: Yes, if I can find it, and unless someone showed me a product with comparable features: ie, sheer, glossy, long stay. I feel this is one of those basics you should have in your collection, after which you can go ahead and collect all those million other shades out there!

Rating: 4 on 5. Minus 1 for my own ignorance, since I haven’t been able to compare it with options in other brands.

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20 thoughts on “Clinique Long Last Gloss Wear SPF 15: Air Kiss

  1. very well written Shai. was very impressed with the style of writing.

    Peaches and nude lipglosses never go out of style. can even be used on top of a brighter color so always a use for them. perfect for office too..maybe..just maybe can work as an eyeshadow also? an eyeshadow base perhaps???

  2. Nice review Shai 🙂 I like glosses with a hint of color if I’m wearing it without lipstick underneath. Since you like sheer, glossy and long stay glosses, do try Bourjois effet 3D gloss..I have it in shade ’03 Brun academic rose’ and its an earthy pink shade- looks very natural and glossy (not shimmery), stays for 4-5 hours easily. Another one you must try is NYX Sheer gloss- similar glossy effect with hint of color and 4-5 hours to stay. I have reviewed both on my blog, you can have a look..follow the link at the end of the comment.

    1. Thanks… I really wasn’t a gloss person, but if I am not repurchasing this one, then I will defnly look at one of the options you suggest… am based in cochin and we are rather limited for brands here 🙂

  3. Ooh am excited! Thanks Rati for putting this up. Glad to be here. Thanks Aruna for the compliment on my writing :). Yeah I wear this to work and even for nights out – just make sure the rest of me is dressy. (Baby steps with the whole make up thing right now) For the eyes Im not so sure, its very wet and kinda sticky.

  4. hi shai… nice write up & the gloss also seems to be worth buying…. :yes: :yes:
    i am also not much of a gloss person.. but trying a nice product like this wud be gr8.. :whistle:

    1. Thanks :). It’s a good basic and even though not very pigmented, it stays on forever. Do check the price though, I couldnt get an exact number. Looked for it at the clinique counter in chennai over the weekend and they didnt have it.

    1. Yeah I am a lipstick gal, but I’m glad to have a few basic glosses with me. I’m thrilled that lipsticks seem to be making a comeback :). Was totally like “glosses are not for me” but when I wore this to work – all the younger girls seemed to like it and I guess that influenced me a bit.

  5. 4-5 hours of stay is awesome Shai.. I mean glosses really don’t last that long. I think over a period of time I have got quite used to of wearing sticky glosses because well! I do not like my lip products to disappear super fast. I’ll check if it is available in India and let you know.

    Welcome to IMBB. :))

  6. Thanks Rati.. you’re the expert :). My cousin is abroad, but she does occasionally pick up stuff for us from Bangalore as well. Dunno where she got this from. Was in Chennai over the weekend and the sales guy said they had only the Superbalm moisturising gloss, the one that comes in a tube – its not long stay and only lightly tinted, but its very moisturising apparently. Didnt pick it up though..I’ve already got a looong wishlist thanks to all the reviews I read here.

  7. Very informative and easy to read review, Shai. :yes: I’ve always been more a lipstick person myself but want a natural-looking lipgloss with SPF for my little collection too. :))

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