Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Grape Pop Review

By Jenifer A Sarkari

Hello beauties!

“Kiss thy lips and you will see what thou creates,” truly phrased.

Today, I am reviewing Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Grape Pop. Clinique is my favourite brand and I keep update with their forthcoming launches. When I came to know about Clinique launching “Clinique pop lip colour and primer”, I immediately called the stores to check whether it was available here and yes it was. However, the shops did not keep any testers so I had to check the shades online. From 16 shades of Clinique pop lip colour and primer, I remember instantly liking Grape Pop. Next day I was at the store to pick it up. I usually prefer online shopping which is more economical but did not want to wait that long. I wanted to have it immediately, kind of obsessed. Please read on to know more about it and whether it was worth all the efforts and being obsessed.


Price: £16, I got it for BD 12.500

Product Description:
Our luscious lip colours are filled with good for skin ingredients. Luxurious yet weightless formula merges bold, saturated colour with a smoothing primer. Glides on effortlessly and gives a modern velvet finish. Colour stays true and keeps lips comfortably moisturised for 8 hours. Allergy tested. 100% Fragrance free.

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The lipstick comes in a metal tube, with a good quality plastic base. The upper portion of the tube and the cap are made of metal. The base is made of plastic and is similar to the colour of the lipstick shade. Very convenient to know the shade in case you happened to have more than one of these. The cap is made of good metal and has Clinique written on it.


As the name suggests belongs to the violet colour group. Clinique Grape Pop is a beautiful shade and I really like this shade. Shade is mentioned on the box and base of the lipstick tube.

My Experience with Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Grape Pop:

It feels smooth to apply, glides easily and gives a velvet finish to the lips. Pigmentation is good. Staying power is 6 hours after which it fades leaving a stain on the lips. It gives a demi-matte finish to the lips and has primer which is supposed to give a lasting effect to the lipstick and prevent creasing and fading. However, one needs to use a lip liner or it tends to spread a bit while applying. However, it does not smudge after application but transfers easily and also fades the moment I eat or drink something.
I have sensitive lips and some lipsticks tend to dry my lips and make them patchy. It is disappointing to mention that even Clinique lip colour and primer tends to make my lips dry. I have used other long lasting, matte and creamy lipsticks from Clinique and in my opinion this one is the best so far. It does not make my condition that worse. This lip colour can be easily removed with any lip make up remover or facial wash. Small sturdy lipstick tube makes it handy to carry in a bag, purse or even pocket. The cap closes tightly and sits firmly on the tube, hence no issues of the lipstick opening in the bag or purse.


Pros for Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Grape Pop:

• Lip colour gives a demi-matte finish velvety look to the lips.
• Has lip primer, which is supposed to prevent creasing and fading.
• Smooth and easy to apply.
• Good pigmentation.
• Staying power is 6 hours.
• Beautiful grape colour shade.

Cons of Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Grape Pop:

• As claimed does not stay for eight hours, but leaves behind a beautiful stain
• Makes my lips a little dry.
• Transfers easily and fades quickly after eating or drinking.


IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Recommend/Repurchase Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Grape Pop?
Yes I do recommend it all those who would like to try this shade or any of their 16 shades.
I have sensitive lips and this lipstick tends to dry them out. This is the only reason I may not repurchase.

I really love this shade and like to use it whenever possible but feel disappointed with the fact that it makes my lips dry.

Thanks & Cheers!

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