Clinique Quickliner For Eyes – Slate Review

Clinique Quickliner For Eyes – Slate Review

Hi Everyone!

I am not much of a makeup person but enjoy hoarding a lot of stuff, thanks to IMBB that the interest is finally bobbing up and I am taking out all the products I buy into employment. Like the one I am going to review today. I bought this Clinque Quick Liner and forgot it in one of my handbags. It’s recently when I was clearly out the cupboard that I found this. When in ages, I clean my closet, I feel I am the richest woman of the earth 😛 I know all of us have the same story *pigtail*.  So, let me start the review of this eye pencil.


Product Description:

Rich formula. Automatic eyeliner pencil twists up, glides on. Smudges to a smooth blur of color with the convenient smudge tool on the opposite end. Needs no sharpening-silky formula which is always ready to line and define with ease. Stays all day long. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for all skin types.

Clinique Quickliner For Eyes 2


1230 INR

How To Use:

  • Swivel up only 1/8-inch (pencil does not retract to avoid exposing formula to air, which is drying).
  • Line eyes.
  • Use the smudging tool on the opposite end to gently smudge colour to desired effect.
  • Allow color to set for 60 seconds to ensure transfer-resistance.
  • Recap securely after using to protect the silky formula.
  • Can be used alone or over eye shadow.

Clinique Quickliner For Eyes 3

My Experience with Clinique Quickliner For Eyes – Slate:

Let’s start with the positives, as much as I love the packaging of this liner (no need to sharpen) and the slate color, the liner goes on smoothly and I like the color the line offers but once you apply, you can literally wipe it off clean!! Seriously, just touching, smears it off completely *waaa*

Clinique Quickliner For Eyes 4

I liked the slate shade; it is great for doing smokey eyes and looks good on application. I am a matte fan, so loved the swatch when I was buying. Shimmers don’t work well on my dusky complexion. I like that it is retractable yet it doesn’t retract. If you try to pull the product back it won’t go down. Also, the liner doesn’t come out to a fine point, so you can’t get a precise line. It’s not smudge proof either *headbang* I was wondering what was I thinking when I made this investment.


Mamta Sharma

I just used it for about a week or so and it’s already completely gone. I had to keep reapplying because it would not stay longer than an hour on me. I suspect that there was less than half of the product.  It really is a beautiful color, but it is still a waste of money and there are better products available at a lesser price.  I am sorry but I really don’t understand why this is rated or raved so highly. I love Clinique, it is my brand of choice but I am disappointed with the Quickliner.

Mamta sharma eyes

Cons of Clinique Quickliner For Eyes – Slate:

  • Not smudge proof.
  • Does not retract.
  • Does not stay for long.
  • Not at all creamy, in fact waxy.
  • Brittle and hard.

Pros of Clinique Quickliner For Eyes – Slate:

  • No need to sharpen.
  • Smooth.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.
  • No parabens.
  • Does not irritate the eyes.

Final Verdict:

This is a decent, average eye liner. Doesn’t smudge a ton, but it does fade. Not as creamy as I would like, but doesn’t tug either, not terrible but not great either.

IMBB Rating:


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13 thoughts on “Clinique Quickliner For Eyes – Slate Review

  1. It looks beautiful on your eyes *woot* *woot* and your skin is really very pretty *hifive* *jai ho* although would not try this as its almost near to average *haan ji*

    1. Thanks a tonn sweety for the compliment *puchhi* , i need to consider jomol’s advise first, may be i am not using it in an appropriate way. The colour range however is really beautiful.

  2. hey mamta..lovely pics..
    i also have clinique quickliner but that is the intense version. the trick is to apply and not layer.. coz layers dont adhere to the skin and rubs off. also, smudge it a little just after applying, then let it set for some time. this way it will last longer. it is a one way twist up pencil so it wouldnt retract back. i agree with not getting a fine point though…

    1. Thanks Jomo *puchhi* ,

      I think u gave a fruitful advise, i tried smuding it a bit today and the result was pretty good infact better than the way i tried applying it before. Thank You again for the tip buddy 😀

  3. beautiful swatch wali pics mamta… *puchhi* color is beautiful but such a dud at that price *spank* *spank* *spank*

  4. I use the black Quickliner as a kohl and my eyes love it! It is the only thing that doesn’t smudge on my super oily lids. Surprising that this shade wears off so easily because the black one lasts me all day. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that this doesn’t retract until very late and the store refused to take back my stick. 🙁 I couldn’t click the cap shut until about a week’s use!

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