Clinique Repair-wear Intensive Night Cream Review

Clinique repair-wear intensive night cream review

Clinique repair wear intensive night cream

Hello lovelies,
As I said earlier that I got a kit of Clinique long ago from a relative which consisted of some lipsticks, creams and stuff. The kit has smaller sizes of the products to just try out what would actually suit the skin and later a purchase of the bigger variant could be made. So I got this cream from this kit. The shelf life is about 3 years and already 2 years had gone and this cream was as it is. And this would go waste so I started using it and I am done with the whole container and had clicked pictures long ago but I wanted to use the entire thing and then review it.

Price: $52.00 for the regular size

Product description by Clinique:
Works all night to help block and mend the look of lines and wrinkles. Rebuilds stores of firming natural collagen. Fuels 24-hour antioxidant replenishment that arms skin for tomorrow.

Directions to use:
• Apply nightly to face and throat, after using 3-Step Skin Care System. ( Face wash, clarifying lotion and moisturizer)
• Avoid the immediate eye area
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My experience with Clinique repair wear intensive night cream

So I got a smaller size which lasted for like 24-25 days and the bigger size meaning the regular one will go on till like 3 months of continuous use. This cream comes in a small lip balm kind of a tub and the bigger variant in a big tub like the ones of the other night creams. The packaging is okay in plastic with white bottom and green cap which actually doesn’t look that bad. But this was like 2 years ago, now they have changed the packaging as the cream was expensive but the packaging did not look luxurious. It now has a white tub with silver cap which looks far better. But this size was very handy to carry and the cap was tight as well. It is cream-ish in colour and a little thick and creamy to. Actually I had removed it after years so it seems a little thicker in the picture but initially it was a little less thick than this. It is thick so I enjoy while applying it as I have to massage so that would also improve the blood circulation. The skin might feel a little greasy and heavy especially for oily skin beauties. It might cause breakouts but very rarely. Even I have acne-prone skin but a saw only one or two pimples just. But it is okay if the skin is little greasy because at night you just have to sleep so that does not matter. The cream is super hydrating and gives it all the moisturisation to the skin that it needs. If I would be knowing this I would have saved this cream for the coming winter. Dry skinned beauties are going to love this to the core and obviously Clinique is a luxury and a trustworthy brand so you know about the quality. The skin is super-soft and hydrated fully in the morning and actually you can feel that baby skin. A fresh skin is revealed in the morning. It made my skin a little firm and tight and all the sagging skin had gone. I cannot comment about wrinkles because I don’t have them but I think it will work as Clinique products are never disappointing. Overall I think it is a perfect night cream for winter for all the skin types especially for dry skinned people when in winter you get up and all your skin looks torn off.


PROS of Clinique Repair-wear Intensive Night Cream

-Available at the website as well as all Clinique counters
-Easy to carry
-Good packaging and made up of plastic so no breakage at all
-Luxuriously thick cream which gives you the opportunity to massage your skin
-Super hydrating to the skin especially during the winters
-Like a boon to the dry skinned beauties
-Soft baby skin when you get up in the morning
-Skin becomes firm and night
-Would have synergistic effects if used with the other 3 variants mentioned above

CONS of Clinique Repair-wear Intensive Night Cream

-Skin might feel a bit greasy after application
-Gave me one or two pimples but that is fine
-Expensive to buy

Will I repurchase/ recommend Clinique repair-wear intensive night cream?
Yes I would love to but I will repurchase it during the winters as currently I have an ample to finish and strongly recommended to women with dry skin. I am sure you guys will love it.

Rating: 4.8/ 5

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10 thoughts on “Clinique Repair-wear Intensive Night Cream Review

    1. Yes Vini perfect for night time not meant for day use *hifive* and yes i am gonna try some of their oily skin products as my skin becomes oily often *cry*

    1. I am yet to try the under eye creams *announce* but clinique has worked so good for me that i am surely getting something from dark circles fro them *happydance* *happydance* and yaaa you have dry skin na.. you should try it once *hifive* and *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much *puchhi* *puchhi*

      1. yeah I’d give it a go. it looks so yummy in a pot and I just have to slather something on my skin at night or I wake up with parched stretchy skin. 😛

        1. Yeah absolutely *happydance* the new packaging is even better and luxurious *happy dance* *happy dance* so you will enjoy that even more *hifive* *happydance*

    1. Lol Astha frying pan *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* even my skin is oily *hifive* yes it is best suitable for winters *happydance* definitely try during that time *happy dance*

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