Closet Cleaning Tips : 10 Things You Need to Get Rid of

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With springtime, a lot of us get down to organizing our homes, and giving them a makeover. In the process, we often clean our closets, but end up with negligible stock reduction. So before giving your closet a makeover, here are items that you NEED to discard right now!
Closet Cleaning Tips  10 Things You Need to Get Rid of

1. Worn out pajamas

The hole-ridden worn out and faded set of pajamas that feel so comfy! Ditch them now and invest in comfortable matching sets. You need to look good even at home babes!

2. Old Cosmetics

mac makeup kit
The junk on your dresser needs to be thrown out. Dried nail paints, crumbled lippies, expired cosmetics, trial packs and sachets need to go into your bin to pave the way for newer candidates.

3. Old undergarments

Lingerie items older than a couple of years, bras that have lost their original cup shape, panties with loose waistbands and stuff like that take up unnecessary space in your closet and need to be gone ASAP.

4. Misshapen or uncomfortable sweaters

Sweaters that are bulky, misshapen, itchy and uncomfortable are major closet junks and so donating the pieces that can be used by others and getting rid of uncomfortable ones are the most important decisions in giving your wardrobe a good spring cleaning.

5. Free T-shirts

T-shirts takes up a ton of space, and you probably won’t miss the free or promotional t-shirts too much when they’re gone. For T-shirts that hold some sentimental value, consider crafting them into wall art, pillowcases, or even a quilt.

6. Designer fakes

designer fake bags
The knockoff designer bag is not an accessory worth holding on too. So either invest in a good designer bag or buy a bag from a brand that you can afford. The fakes do not add any class to your ensemble.

7. Yellowed items

Many white clothing pieces lose their shine and brightness over time, and turn yellowish. Even if bleaching them yields no results, it’s time to bade them farewell and restock some whites.

8. Things that don’t fit

The cardinal sin we are guilty of committing is retaining clothes that fitted us once or buying clothes hoping that they fit us. If something hasn’t been worn in the last one year, chances are high you won’t reach out for it soon. So discard them and buy things according to your shape, size and comfort.

9. Costumes and props

halloween costumes
The outfits from a school or college drama, Halloween costume or props from some play do not need to be stored. They block precious space and hence dispose them.

10. Anything belonging to your ex

Let gone things be gone! Throw out or donate the clothes or accessories of your ex, and see the positive vibes in your cupboard and life!

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