Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette Review

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Hello beauties,

Since I love colorful eye makeup, I wanted to pick up a big palette that offers a variety of colors. So, I picked up this Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette. This one is a beautiful palette; let’s get started with the review.


Price: $24.95
Product Description:
Stack it with style! Our 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette is travel friendly and perfect for conserving room on vacation or in your makeup kit. The palette includes a removable tray containing thirty-two shimmery shadows and allowing access to the ten matte and shimmer blush/bronzers. We have also included three applicator brushes for applying the shadows dry or wet, for a deeper, longer lasting effect.


My Experience with Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette:

The palette comes in a rectangular black plastic box with an outer paper packaging. It contains 42 shades but it doesn’t look too big and never feels heavy. It has two stacks: the upper tray (that has 32 eyeshadows) and the lower tray (that has 10 blush shades). The upper stack has a ribbon holder that helps to pull out the tray. Both the trays are removable, so this system is easy to use. I really like this compact packaging. It also has three brushes. It is totally a sleek, travel-friendly palette.

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This palette has a huge range of shades, and it has almost every kind of shade that I can use to create various eye looks. It contains 32 eyeshadows and 10 blush shades. I really like its shade range as it offers a variety of shades. All of these shades help create various eye looks. Let’s start with the 1st column.


Eyeshadow shades:
Shade 1: It is a fresh shiny white shade that acts as a highlighting shadow.
Shade 2: It’s a nice light creamy yellow shade.
Shade 3: It is a fresh bright light yellow color.
Shade 4: It’s a beautiful yellow golden shade.
Shade 5: A pretty, cute baby pink shade with some chunky silver glitters in it.
Shade 6: It is a fresh coral peach shade.
Shade 7: A shiny dusky pink shade with a silvery glow.
Shade 8: It’s a mustard yellow shade.
Shade 9: It’s a very pretty purplish pink shade with some silvery glow.
Shade 10: A bright shiny orange shade.
Shade 11: It’s a nice rosy pink shade.
Shade 12: It is a shiny magenta pink shade.
Shade 13: It is a light pastel violet shade; perfect for pastel makeup.
Shade 14: A shiny light pinkish purple shade.
Shade 15: It is a dusty rosy pink shade.
Shade 16: It’s a warm coralish bright red shade.

Shade 17: Next is a nice fresh but less shiny white shade.
Shade 18: It is a fresh bright sky blue shade.
Shade 19: It’s a nice light pastel green shade.
Shade 20: It’s a gorgeous bright parrot green shade.
Shade 21: It’s a shiny royal blue shade.
Shade 22: It’s a dark teal blue shade.
Shade 23: Next is a dark bright violet shade with a hint of blue tone.
Shade 24: It is pretty purple shade but less shiny.
Shade 25: It’s a perfect shiny bright bronze shade.
Shade 26: Next is a little light bronze with a hint of peach shade.
Shade 27: It’s a dark brownish bronze shade.
Shade 28: Next is a normal very dark midnight blue shade.
Shade 29: It’s a light shiny grey shade.
Shade 30: It’s a pure black shade with some chunky silver glitters in it.
Shade 31: It is a very nice warm copper shade.
Shade 32: Last shade is a dark shiny brown shade.

Blush shades:
Shade 1: It is a very nice natural dusky pink shade for daily wear. It has some fine shimmers.
Shade 2: It is a very light rosy pink shade that looks so cute on the cheeks. It also has some micro shimmers.
Shade 3: It is a perfect matte fuchsia pink shade that looks so gorgeous.
Shade 4: Next is my favourite shade and it’s a warm coral pink shade with micro shimmers in it.
Shade 5: This is a shimmery brown bronze shade that actually acts as a bronzer.
Shade 6: It is a dusky mauve pink blush and it looks so natural on my cheeks.
Shade 7: It is a peachy orange blush that is perfect for summery fresh glow.
Shade 8: It’s a nice magenta pink shimmery blush that looks so beautiful on the cheeks.
Shade 9: It is a perfect matte warm medium pink blush with a hint of coral.
Shade 10: Last shade is the darkest one and it’s a matte dark reddish pink blush that looks amazing.

Most of the shimmery shades are good in pigmentation and they need only a few swipes for the true color. Few shades even more pigmented. The blushes are also well pigmented, but lighter shades are not super pigmented. Hence, I need extra swipes. But you can easily go light handed with darker shades.


Texture and quality:
This palette has only shimmery shades and all the shades have a smooth silky texture that glides easily on the eyes. They blend effortlessly and never look patchy. The product feels light and soft in texture. These are very easy to blend, even with the fingers. They look very even and perfect on the eyes. The shimmery shades provide that super shiny and gorgeous finish on the eyes.

They provide that silky, velvety finish and the gorgeous shine is perfect for festivals, parties and weddings. But the problem is that the shades fall a lot during application. There is so much of fallout and shimmers are quite difficult to wipe off. So I always do my eye makeup first to avoid this problem. Otherwise, they never settle into the fine lines and never crease. Also, the shades have never irritated my eyes.


These blushes are also very good in quality. These are soft and smooth in texture; they blend easily and never look/feel dry or patchy. The lighter shades blend better than the darker ones. The darker shades require proper blending if you do not want to look like a clown. All the shades look very natural. These blushes have a silky velvety finish on the cheeks; only the matte blushes feel a little chalky and require proper application.

Staying Power:
All the shades stay nicely for around 5-6 hours but I need to follow use an eyeshadow primer to increase the longevity. Without a primer, these shadows start to move a little after 5 hours. With a primer, these stay on for long and don’t look messy at all. Also, the blushes stay nicely for around 4-5 hours. Hence, the blushes are not very long lasting. The lighter shades start to fade after 5 hours. All the shades are easy to remove but shimmery ones need a little extra effort.

I really like this palette and all the good shades are there in the palette. But I feel that a few shades look quite similar on the eyes. Also, all the shades are shimmery and sometimes they feel too shimmery. But I love all the blushes! I think this palette is a great pick.


Pros of Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette:

• Lovely, travel-friendly, compact packaging.
• Decently priced.
• Contains 32 gorgeous eyeshadows and 10 blushes.
• Can create various eye looks.
• Shades are well pigmented.
• Smooth, soft texture that blends easily.
• Never feels patchy.
• Blushes are beautiful.
• Finely milled shimmer provides an amazing shine.
• Velvety, silky finish.
• Eyeshadows have a decent staying power.
• Doesn’t crease or settle into the fine lines.
• Never irritated my eyes.


Cons of Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette:

• No mirror.
• No matte shades.
• Eyeshadows fallout during application.
• Shimmers require extra efforts to get properly removed.
• Lighter blush shades need extra swipes.
• Staying power of the blushes could have been better.

IMBB Rating: 4.3/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette?
I don’t think I need to repurchase such a big palette, but you can definitely go for it of you’re looking for a colorful palette.

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