Coastal Scents Hot Pots M17 and S40

Coastal Scents Hot Pots M17 and S40

Hi Everyone,

As you probably know, I got some new goodies from Coastal Scents for Christmas from my husband and I was so excited and the Hot Pots are a must have! I wish you can see in person the eyeshadows, but that’s not possible. Recently, Coastal Scents reduced the prices on their Hot Pots and now they cost only 2$!!

Coastal Scents Hot Pots M17 and S40

The shimmer eyeshadow S40 reminds me of MAC’s “Climate Blue” although the MAC eyeshadow is matte. Surprisingly, the eyeshadows look so different from each other and you will see that in the swatch pictures. First off, both eyeshadows do not have any fall-outs whatsoever. The satin eyeshadows are always really creamy and very pigmented.

Blue eyeshadow

Here are a few more pictures before I talk about more details.


The eyeshadow M17 has a green undertone and the S40 has a violet undertone. Can you actually see how pigmented they are? Love it!! Every time I plan to buy products from Coastal Scents, I always look for swatches first. This is going to be perfect for those who are planning on buying eyeshadows from them which I know a few of you want to do that.

Swatch 1

Swatch 2

I never really talked about their pans. They are very sturdy and magnetic. Have you ever had an eyeshadow that you tried to depot or just take out of the palette and the pan bended and the eyeshadow broke? I did and it’s not very pleasant, but the eyeshadows from Coastal Scents are not like this at all. Both eyeshadows are recommendable to use on the crease of the eye or as an eyelid color.

Pros of Coastal Scents Hot Pots M17 and S40:

  • Very pigmented.
  • No fallout.
  • Very creamy, even the matte eyeshadow.
  • Amazingly cheap at 2 dollars!!!
  • Pans are magnetic.

Cons of Coastal Scents Hot Pots M17 and S40:

  • Available only online.
  • Pictures on their website doesn’t show the real color of the eyeshadow.
  • I thought they are the same color, but different finishes.

Last Word on Coastal Scents Hot Pots M17 and S40:

I am so impressed with their eyeshadows that I want to own every single one of them, of course, I probably won’t do that. If you like the color blue, definitely pick up these two colors and they would make really pretty crease colors.

What is your favorite eyelid and crease color? Take care everyone and I hope you enjoyed this review! xoxo

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22 thoughts on “Coastal Scents Hot Pots M17 and S40

  1. I loooobbbeeee the colors!! Yaaayyy! Blues are sooo hootttt na? I’m getting them!! and the price is soooo in my pocket!! Thanks for the review!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. S40 is such a pretty color :yahoo: :yahoo: … goes into my wish list… I luv CS Hot pots n at this price , they r a real steal.. :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  3. Sahar..Beautiful shades they are !! :makeup:
    I too want to order from Coastal Scents.Let me know if anyone is interested in clubbing up 🙂

  4. CS hotpots are on my wishlist since long….. :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: the shades are sooo beautiful sahar!!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: will try to convince my mommy heehehe

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