Coastal Scents Hot Pots Review

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Review

By Neha Shukla

Coastal Scents’ hot pots are ever-so-popular and rightly so. The colour selection is incredible, the quality is amazing, and the price is just right! So, I decided to venture out in the unknown territory of coloured eyeshadows with these hot pots. For this review, I am covering some really bright and matte colours that I have had for a while.


Where To Buy:

I bought these eyeshadows from the Coastal Scents’ website. Coastal Scents does not have any physical locations, so regardless of where you live, you will have to buy their products from an online seller.


The pan’s diameter is 1 inch or ~2.6 cm. You get 0.04 ounces or 1.3 grams. This is a decent amount of product as far as eyeshadows go, especially for the price. It comes packed in a clicky see-through disposable plastic unit (I do not have any of mine around, but other reviews of hot pots on IMBB  have pictures of them! Sorry!). The eyeshadow is labelled on the back part, so that’s a plus to me 🙂

Price and Shipping:

The hot pots are priced at$1.99 + tax per eyeshadow pan and it is a very appealing price. Several colours are pretty close dupes for some decently expensive eyeshadows.  Coastal Scents’ shipping is awesome and they are a pleasure to do business with.

My Take on Coastal Scents Hot Pots:

Really bright colours have always caught my eye, but even though I love bright colours, I hardly ever venture into that territory with respect to eyeshadows. The most adventurous I get with eyeshadows is greys, blues, and peaches! So, this is one of my New Year’s resolutions, to embrace more unique/bright colours in my looks, without being too over the top obviously 🙂

Bright Eyeshadows

The colours I am reviewing and swatching are the following:

Row 1: Indigo, Thistle Lavender, Magenta

Coastal Scents Hot Pots

1. CM09 or Indigo – matte blue: This colour was decently pigmented, slightly powdery, but it applied smoothly.
2. M15 or Thistle Lavender – dark lavender: This colour was too sheer for me. It was not powdery, nothing amazing.
3. CM08 or Magenta – true magenta: This is a really good eyeshadow. It was pigmented, not powdery, and applied smoothly.

Row 2: Deep Sage, Shamrock Green, Vibrant Lime Green

Lime Green Eyeshadow

4. M05 or Deep Sage – mixture of bottle green and olive green: Decently pigmented, but its powdery texture made it hard to apply.
5. CM12 or Shamrock Green – St. Patrick’s Day green: I liked this eyeshadow even though it was semi-opaque. It was pigmented, not powdery, and applied smoothly, like Magenta.
6. M03 or Vibrant Lime Green – bright lime green: Semi-opaque, a little powdery, but decently pigmented.

Row 3: Bright Tangerine, Maize Yellow, Venetian Red

Orange Eyeshadow

7. CM04 or Bright Tangerine – true opaque orange: Semi-opaque, not powdery, decently pigmented.
8. S18 or Maize Yellow – pretty yellow with very slight shimmer: Slightly powdery, semi-sheer, but applied smoothly.
9. B09 or Venetian Red – rustic red that applies very sheer: I liked this eyeshadow the least. It was not powdery, but very hard in the pan. Very sheer and it was hard to build up to the colour in the pan. I would skip this one.

**** Please note that you can look up these colours with either the alpha-numeric code or the name. They used to be titled only using the alpha-numeric code, but now they are also named.

Things I Love about Coastal Scents Hot Pots:

  • For $1.99 + tax, the eyeshadows are decently pigmented and have a good colour payoff.
  • They are not too powdery for being matte shades.
  • You get to try out various colours for cheaper than most other brands.
  • You can own and have at your disposal crazy colours that you don’t plan on using very often (like these bright mattes) at a reasonable price.
  • I love that they come in individual pans because I hate depotting makeup.
  • If I didn’t have access to Inglot, Costal Scents’ hot pots would be my number one choice for eyeshadows because other eyeshadows are too expensive to play around with!

Things I am Not So Much In Love about Coastal Scents Hot Pots:

  • Powdery-ness. Yes, like all mattes (expect Inglot’s), these shades are a smidgen powdery on application.
  • They don’t last very long unless used with a primer on me (but I have very oily lids).
  • The colour selection is overwhelming and Coastal Scents’ does not have any swatches.
  • Even though Coastal Scents describes all these colours as “opaque,” they really aren’t very opaque upon application and require a lot of product to get a true to pan colour.
  • Having used several other mattes, these colours are mediocre at best.

IMBB Rating:

I do like the number of colours available and the price is very reasonable. I would rate these specific bright matte shades 3.8/5. I would give them a 4 if they weren’t so hard in the pan and powdery!

Last Thoughts:

Even with the colours being a tad powdery, they do have enough pigmentation for the colours to really show up on darker skin tones. I would continue to buy them in colours I don’t need to last 10+ hours on me or in fun colours just to have some fun with! Of course, their shimmery colours are a 4.25/5 because they are more pigmented, last longer, are not as powdery, and you definitely get the bang for your buck!

Peace out! <3

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    1. Sweta, they really are not “that” pigmented. I would really go with Inglot. They are sooooo much better! But if you just want to mess around, then I’d go with Coastal Scents! 🙂

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