Can Coconut Oil Ruin Hair?

Grandmas and beauty experts world over stress alike on the importance of using coconut oil for beautiful and healthy hair, but do you know there are certain apprehensions associated with coconut oil. Too much coconut oil can make your hair limp and greasy. It can also cause buildup on the scalp. Repeated styling and over exposure to heat tools can damage your hair and it’s not correct to coat your hair with coconut oil which would act just as a temporary fix for damaged hair instead of repairing it. Coconut oil can penetrate the shaft of the hair and lock in moisture in your hair. In this process, it can also lock dirt and grime inside your hair. Coconut oil should be applied in moderation. Instead of using coconut oil on your hair, use moisturizing masks instead where coconut oil is one of the ingredients. We will answer your question, Can Coconut Oil Ruin Hair, in this post.

Can Coconut Oil Ruin Hair

These moisturizing masks will penetrate your hair at a much deeper level and also act as a good solution to treat your dry, frizzy, and lifeless hair. Also, these penetrating masks help in detangling your hair. These moisturizing masks can be used as a long-term treatment for your dry and brittle hair. Experts say that rather than treating damaged hair, coconut oil acts as a quick fix by coating the hair. Using nourishing hair masks can help repair damaged and dry hair because they penetrate deep into the layers of hair and address the root cause of damage.

Coconut oil also can cause product buildup and thus this makes the hair much more dry, brittle and less elastic. Instead of coconut oil, you can make homemade hair masks by mixing ingredients like aloe vera, curd, honey, glycerine, and egg white.

Coconut oil will never ruin your hair, there is no harm per se, but if you have damaged hair, it’s better to use other nourishing treatments than just coconut oil to treat it. Even otherwise, use coconut oil in moderation so that your hair does not turn greasy or limp.

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