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Hello everyone,

Being a lip balm addict, I cannot stop myself from buying a new lip balm. I already own so many products from Collagen line by Watsons. So, when I spotted this lip care pack at the Watsons store, I got super excited to try it out and I grabbed it immediately. And, here comes the review of the same for you all.

Collagen By Watsons Lip Care Pack Review9

Price: 179 PHP
Product Description:

Collagen By Watsons Lip Care Pack Review5


Collagen By Watsons Lip Care Pack Review7

Collagen By Watsons Lip Care Pack Review6

My Experience with Collagen by Watsons Lip Care Pack:

Collagen By Watsons Lip Care Pack Review4

The product comes in a signature gold and black packaging of the Collagen line. This lip care pack contains a lip balm and a lip gel. The duo comes housed in a cardboard packaging. The entire product related information is mentioned at the back of the packaging and there is no info written on the tubes except the brand’s tagline. The lip balm tube is matte golden yellow in colour and it has a small black cap, which shuts very tightly making a click sound and never comes off while carrying around. The lip balm bullet is flat and comes up pretty smoothly with a regular twist up mechanism. The lip gel comes in a small squeeze tube that closes tightly with a black screw on cap. The lip gel comes with a plastic slant tip applicator, which helps to apply the product nicely all over the lips.

Collagen By Watsons Lip Care Pack Review

The lip balm is transparent and it does not contain any tint. It is just a clear lip balm. So, it will not suit women with pigmented lips. The lip balm has a soft sheen, which looks very pretty and makes my lips look healthy. It does not contain any shimmers or glitters. On the other hand, the lip gel has a transparent lip gloss kind of formula with subtle golden shimmers in it. This is also devoid of any colour or tint. This lip gel works as a clear lip-gloss and adds high shine to the lips. The shimmers in this lip gel are subtle and they are not much noticeable on the lips. These shimmers add a luminescence effect to the lip gel. Also, the lip balm and lip gel are totally fragrance-free, so it is a yay for people who does not like scented lip care products.

Collagen By Watsons Lip Care Pack Review1

The texture of the lip balm is very smooth and slightly creamy. Hence, it glides like a dream on the lips. It is non-sticky and feels comfortable on the lips. While the lip gel has a consistency similar to that of a lip-gloss, it applies effortlessly on the lips without causing any tugging or pulling of the lips. The texture of the lip gel is on the thicker side and feels slightly heavy on the lips in spite of having a non-sticky formula.

Collagen By Watsons Lip Care Pack Review3

The lip balm starts to heal dry and chapped lips from the first application. The formula is very moisturising and nourishing. I have dry lips and this lip balm does its job pretty well. My lips stay moisturised and hydrated for a pretty long time after using this lip balm. I am in love with this lip balm, but there is no SPF. The lip gel is also moisturising and hydrating in nature. It makes my lips so soft and smooth. My lips look plumped up after applying this lip gel.

The lasting power of both the lip balm and lip gel is somewhere around 3 hours. In the meantime, it loses its glossy sheen. Though the lip balm and lip gel do not survive meals, but still, my lips stay so moisturised without any dryness. Overall, this duo works great to moisturise the lips.

Collagen By Watsons Lip Care Pack Review2

Pros of Collagen by Watsons Lip Care Pack:

  • Good packaging.
  • No fragrance.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Non-sticky.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the lips.
  • Makes my lips healthy and nourished.
  • Lips do not feel dry even when it is wiped off.

Cons of Collagen by Watsons Lip Care Pack:

  • Wish it had some fragrance.
  • Non-tinted.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Collagen by Watsons Lip Care Pack?
Yes to both.

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