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Hello Beauties!!
Today I’ll be reviewing for you the Collection 2000 Blusher in the shade 04-Trouble. Collection 2000 being a U.K based drugstore brand, has it’s set of hits and misses!!! My brother got this for me some time ago… Yeah, I have my vanity stocked up with blushes and this was lying around un-reviewed!!!  Being the blush freak that I am, I like experimenting with different colors…this pretty little thing was what I liked when I saw it online on Superdrug, but when it actually came into my hands….this is what I felt!!

Price: It is priced around 4 pounds; quite reasonable I say.


My Experience with Collection 2000 Blusher 04-Trouble:-

Packaging: What drew my attention to this baby was certainly the cute packaging. They come in small sized round pans with floral designs sketched on them- the design on my blush is no longer there though! It just washed away! 😛 The packaging of the product is quite sturdy as well. I like how the transparent packaging showcases the color, while the back has an entire ingredient list!! Quite nice! I don’t say it is the most beautifully packaged product I own, but it just does the job. It sits in my vanity quite well and isn’t bulky!


Color: The color is a beautiful peachy pink color with shimmers in it; I do not feel that the color looks as great on the skin as much as it does sitting in that transparent pan. It works better as a highlighter, in my opinion. You need to make a few swipes before you actually see the blush…I hate the fact of layering so much, as too much layering of any product may cause you to look very cakey, and that’s a NO! If you are someone who prefers sheer blushes with shimmer, this could definitely be your choice.

Pigmentation: The blush is really sheer… I don’t like the sheerness, but it depends on what you prefer. What you see in the picture is as much as I could build the color up. It is not one swipe of it…definitely not 2…but four. So, I am thoroughly disappointed with the pigmentation unlike the other products from the brand.


Texture: The blush is too powdery. However, it doesn’t feel grainy even though it has those glitter particles in it. You need to dust the excess out of the pan each time you use it…that can be quite annoying.

Staying power: I mostly use this one as a highlighter, and it stays put for quite a good amount of time. Well, for Indian weddings, the ideal wear time would be five to six hours. So, yeah, that’s the longest I’ve worn it for, and I find that decent enough for a drugstore product.

Pros of Collection 2000 Blusher in 04-Trouble:

  • Cute packaging.
  • Handy and sturdy.
  • Pretty color.
  • Doesn’t feel grainy.
  • Stays put for about six hours.
  • Works better as a highlighter.
  • Cons of Collection 2000 Blusher in 04-Trouble:

  • Is too powdery.
  • Is too sheer, you need a few swipes before you actually see the color.
  • You need to dust out the excess powder each time you use it.
  • Availaibility in India
  • 5

    Do I recommend the Collection 2000 Blusher in 04-Trouble?
    Quite honestly, it works more like a highlight than a blush color. Even though, the pros outweigh the cons, I tell you to give it a pass, there are other blushes out there worth a go.

    Would I repurchase the Collection 2000 Blusher in 04-Trouble?
    Nopes, I prefer Sleek and MUA blushes over these for sure!

    IMBB Rating: 2.5/5

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