Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel Review

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This product is inspired by the Cool Sculpting technology. It is believed that the cold kills the fat cells during the treatment and I wanted to try it. Since Cool Sculpting is quite expensive I decided to give this product a try. Here’s how it fared.

Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel Review

Price: $68 for 400 ml
Product Description:
Collistar Research offers the synergy of aromatherapy and cryocosmetics (from the Greek kryos, meaning ‘cold’) to fight the problem of cellulite. This revolutionary gel combines the aromatherapeutic effects of pure essential oils with the effectiveness of a highly advanced formula intensified by cold, which stimulates the microcirculation and, consequently, the activity of the active anticellulite principles contained in the product. In addition to fighting the ‘orange peel’ appearance it guarantees an immediate lifting effect, thanks to the exfoliating action of a mix of plant alpha-hydroxy acids, which tone up the skin and make it smooth and velvety. Extremely pleasant and ultra-penetrating, it is applied in moments and absorbed instantly, ‘lifting’ the surface of the skin with an immediate tensor effect. * cosmetic against the imperfections caused by cellulite.

Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel Ingredients

Apply the gel to the areas to be treated with upward movements. Use twice a day for a shock action, one top maintain the results.

My Experience with Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel:

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The product comes in a tall pump bottle which is mint green in color with golden accents. The bottle looks good and is also easy to travel with. The pump dispenser can be locked by twisting. The gel itself is light green in color and, of course, has a gel consistency.

Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel Back

The gel smells like some toothpaste or more like a menthol-based product. If one smells it closely, they can feel the menthol effect in the nostrils too. It’s like inhaling faint Vicks Vaporub. The gel spreads well and is also easy to massage on the skin. I would never use it in autumn or winter as it has a very strong cooling effect.

Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel Front

The skin feels very cold from within and this would be perfect for summers, especially on a beach. The cooling effect of the gel lasts quite some time – like around 15 minutes or so. My skin feels tighter immediately after applying this gel but the results do not last long. The cellulite is neither hidden not reduced and my body still looks the same. The fat cells are not affected at all.

Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel Dispenser

I feel the product is quite expensive given the fact that it has to be used twice a day and also one has to continue using the product. I feel this gel just makes your skin feel tightened and the results are short-lived. Only regular exercising can help you get rid of the fat cells. Such products are not really effective and deliver short-lived results.

Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel Swatch

Pros of Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel:

12-month shelf life
Cooling effect
Fresh fragrance
Skin feels tightened

Cons of Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel:

Effects do not last long

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Would I Repurchase Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel?
I find it very expensive and also the results are not promising.
Would I Recommend Collistar Anticellulite Cryo-Gel?
If you want immediate but slight skin tightening, then go for it but the results are not effective, I feel.

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